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parr British & World English

A young salmon (or trout) between the stages of fry and smolt, distinguished by dark rounded patches evenly spaced along its sides

Paar, Jack British & World English

(1918–2004), US television personality; full name Jack Harold Paar. He was host of The Tonight Show 1957–62 (officially The Jack Paar Show from 1959)

Parr, Katherine British & World English

(1512–48), sixth and last wife of Henry VIII. Having married the king in 1543, she influenced his decision to restore the succession to his daughters Mary and Elizabeth (later Mary I and Elizabeth I respectively)

parr marks British & World English

The dark marks on the sides of a parr.

parrel British & World English

A sliding band of rope or metal attaching a spar or sail to a mast while allowing it vertical movement.

Katherine Parr in Henry1 British & World English

Henry VIII (1491–1547), son of Henry VII, reigned 1509–47. Henry had six wives (Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard, Katherine Parr); he executed two and divorced two. His first divorce, from Catherine of Aragon, was opposed by the Pope, leading to England’s break with the Roman Catholic Church