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performance British & World English

An act of presenting a play, concert, or other form of entertainment

performance English Thesaurus

there are two evening performances

performance car British & World English

A car with high performance; a fast or powerful car.

non-performance British & World English

Failure or refusal to perform or fulfil a condition, promise, etc.

performance art British & World English

An art form that combines visual art with dramatic performance

performance rating British & World English

An assessment of how well an employee, company, product, etc., performs.

performance space British & World English

Space where drama, music, etc., may be performed; (as a count noun) an area in which a performance takes place, a venue; specifically the area in a theatre, concert hall, etc., in which the performers act, play instruments, etc., as opposed to the area where the audience sits.

performance table British & World English

A table comparing and ranking the performance of a school, share, etc., against others.

performance test British & World English

Psychol. a non-verbal test of capability or intelligence based on the performance of certain manual tasks.

performance tested British & World English

(Of a farm animal) having had heritable qualities evaluated.

performance text British & World English

A text intended to be or capable of being performed.

high-performance British & World English

(Of an aircraft or motor vehicle) designed to achieve high speeds

performance bond British & World English

A bond issued by a bank or other financial institution, guaranteeing the fulfilment of a particular contract

performance poetry British & World English

A form of poetry intended to be performed as a dramatic monologue or exchange and frequently involving extemporization

morning performance British & World English

= matinee; (also, more generally) a performance that takes place in the morning.

performance anxiety British & World English

(A state of) nervousness or fear preceding or accompanying participation in a particular activity (typically either sexual intercourse or a public performance of some sort), especially to the point where ability to carry out the activity is affected.

performance appraisal British & World English

The appraisal of how well an employee or student performs in his or her work; an instance of this.

performance grammar British & World English

A description of the rules or strategies which people use when they produce and understand sentences.

performance history British & World English

A record of an employee's history of achievement.

performance indicator British & World English

A variable by which the success or productivity of a venture, policy, or product can be gauged.

performance practice British & World English

The way in which music is or has been performed, especially as concerns issues of authenticity or appropriateness of style in the performance of music from a particular repertoire or date; the study of this as an academic discipline.

performance-related British & World English

That is related to or dependent upon how well a person, thing, etc., performs.

performance testing British & World English

The evaluation of a person’s mental or manual ability

command performance British & World English

(In the UK) a presentation of a play, concert, film, or other show at the request of royalty, who usually attend

concert performance British & World English

A performance of a piece of music written for an opera, ballet, piece of theatre, religious service, etc., at a concert without the accompanying dramatic action or liturgy

performance-enhancing British & World English

Denoting or relating to a substance, typically one banned for use in competitive events, that is taken by an athlete or sports player to improve their performance

specific performance British & World English

The performance of a contractual duty, as ordered in cases where damages would not be adequate remedy

key performance indicator British & World English

A quantifiable measure used to evaluate the success of an organization, employee, etc. in meeting objectives for performance

linguistic performance in performance British & World English

An individual’s use of a language, i.e. what a speaker actually says, including hesitations, false starts, and errors

Royal Command Performance in command performance British & World English

(In the UK) a presentation of a play, concert, film, or other show at the request of royalty, who usually attend