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recoil British & World English

Suddenly spring or flinch back in fear, horror, or disgust

recoil English Thesaurus

as he leaned towards her, she instinctively recoiled

non-recoil British & World English

Especially of a firearm, its mounting, etc.: that does not rebound when discharged. In quot. 1855 as noun: the fact of not rebounding.

recoil gear British & World English

The mechanism on a piece of artillery which absorbs the energy of recoil.

recoil wave British & World English

A wave resulting from recoil.

recoil action British & World English

A movement or action that results from or constitutes a recoil.

recoil energy British & World English

The energy resulting from the recoil of a discharged firearm.

recoil pallet British & World English

A pallet in the recoil escapement of a clock or watch.

recoil spring British & World English

A spring that checks or absorbs recoil, especially in a firearm.

recoil track British & World English

A track in a particle-detecting device or system produced by recoil of a particle.

recoil momentum British & World English

The momentum of a recoiling gun, atom, particle, etc.

recoil-operated British & World English

(Of a firearm) having a mechanism which uses the force of the firearm's recoil to reload automatically.

recoil starter British & World English

A device for starting a small internal-combustion engine in which a cord, wound round a pulley, is rewound by a spring after being pulled for the starting cycle.

aggregate recoil British & World English

The ejection of a cluster of atoms from the surface of a radioactive sample as a result of their being bonded to an atom that is recoiling following emission of an alpha particle.

recoil escapement British & World English

A form of escapement in clocks and watches in which the teeth of the crown wheel or balance wheel act on the pallets by recoil.

recoil on/upon in recoil British & World English

(Of an action) have an adverse reactive effect on (the originator)