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religious British & World English

Relating to or believing in a religion

non-religious British & World English

Not relating to or believing in a religion

Religious Society of Friends British & World English

Official name for the Quakers (see Quaker)

unreligious British & World English

Indifferent or hostile to religion

religious English Thesaurus

he was a very religious person

religious English-Spanish


religious in devout English Thesaurus

a devout Christian

religious in religious English Thesaurus

he was a very religious person

the religious in religious English-Spanish

las personas religiosas

a religious maniac in maniac English-Spanish

un fanático (religioso)

ethnic/religious diversity in diversity English-Spanish

diversidad étnica/religiosa

religious /linguistic/class divisions in division English-Spanish

divisiones religiosas/lingüísticas/de clase

a religious/spiritual experience in experience English-Spanish

una experiencia religiosa/espiritual

words imbued with religious fervor in imbue English-Spanish

palabras empapadas de fervor religioso

he did it partly for religious reasons in partly English-Spanish

lo hizo en parte por razones religiosas

you must be religious about doing it every day in religious English-Spanish

tienes que hacerlo todos los días religiosamente

the back-to-basics approach emphasizes religious education in back-to-basics English-Spanish

el planteamiento de volver a lo básico pone énfasis en la educación religiosa

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