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respiratory British & World English

Relating to or affecting respiration or the organs of respiration

respiratory tract British & World English

The passage formed by the mouth, nose, throat, and lungs, through which air passes during breathing

respiratory tree British & World English

A branched respiratory organ in the body cavity of sea cucumbers

respiratory pigment British & World English

A substance (such as haemoglobin or haemocyanin) with a molecule consisting of protein with a pigmented prosthetic group, involved in the physiological transport of oxygen or electrons

respiratory quotient British & World English

The ratio of the volume of carbon dioxide evolved to that of oxygen consumed by an organism, tissue, or cell in a given time

respiratory distress syndrome British & World English

Another term for hyaline membrane disease.

respiratory syncytial virus British & World English

A paramyxovirus which causes disease of the respiratory tract. It is a major cause of bronchiolitis and pneumonia in young children, and may be a contributing factor in cot death

cardiorespiratory British & World English

Relating to the action of both heart and lungs

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