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reversion British & World English

A return to a previous state, practice, or belief

reversion duty British & World English

A duty charged on reversions; specifically one charged in certain cases on leases exceeding 21 years.

home reversion British & World English

A financial agreement by which a person relinquishes all or part of the ownership of their home in exchange for a lump sum, while retaining the right to live there

reversion clause British & World English

A contractual clause allowing for the reversion of rights under certain conditions.

reversion spectroscope British & World English

A spectroscope in which two spectra (one of which is optically reversed) are formed alongside each other, their alignment being used to determine the proportion of a particular substance within a mixture through comparison with the spectral alignment from the pure substance.

reversion disease in reversion British & World English

An incurable disease of the blackcurrant transmitted by the blackcurrant gall mite