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scintillation British & World English

A flash or sparkle of light

scintillation cocktail British & World English

A liquid in which is dissolved a small amount of scintillant, to give a solution for use in scintillation counting; also as a mass noun.

scintillation counter British & World English

A device for detecting and recording scintillations

scintillation counting British & World English

The counting of scintillations, especially as a procedure to analyse a substance when it has been dissolved in a liquid containing a scintillant.

scintillation detector British & World English

A detector for charged particles and gamma rays in which scintillations produced in a phosphor are detected and amplified by a photomultiplier, giving an electrical output signal.

scintillation screen British & World English

A flat surface coated with a phosphor, so that ionizing particles striking it can be detected or radioactivity measured from the scintillations produced.

scintillation spectrometer British & World English

A form of scintillation counter with which the incident energy of the particle or gamma ray may be determined.