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slipper British & World English

A comfortable slip-on shoe that is worn indoors

slipper bath British & World English

A bath with one high end to lean against and the other end covered over

slipper satin British & World English

A fine-quality semi-glossy satin, used in dressmaking and for dancing slippers

slipper sock British & World English

A thick sock, typically with a leather sole, for use as a slipper

carpet slipper British & World English

A soft slipper whose upper part is made of wool or thick cloth

Turkish slipper British & World English

A soft heelless slipper with a turned-up toe

slipper flower British & World English

Another term for calceolaria.

slipper limpet British & World English

A mollusc which has an oval shell with an internal ledge, giving the empty shell a slipper-like appearance

slipper orchid British & World English

Another term for lady's slipper.

lady's slipper British & World English

An orchid of north temperate regions, the flower of which has a conspicuous pouch- or slipper-shaped lip

slipper English Thesaurus

he slid out of bed and pulled on his slippers

slipper English-Spanish

zapatilla feminine, pantufla feminineespecially Latin America/especialmente América Latina, chancla feminineColombia