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sound1 British & World English

Vibrations that travel through the air or another medium and can be heard when they reach a person’s or animal’s ear

sound2 British & World English

In good condition; not damaged, injured, or diseased

sound3 British & World English

Ascertain (the depth of water in the sea, a lake, or a river), typically by means of a line or pole or using sound echoes

sound4 British & World English

A narrow stretch of water forming an inlet or connecting two wider areas of water such as two seas or a sea and a lake

clear as a bell British & World English

Perfectly clear (or sound)

empty vessels make most noise British & World English

Those with least wisdom or knowledge are always the most talkative

not like the look of British & World English

Find worrying or alarming

strike a note of British & World English

Express (a particular feeling or view) about something

the Sound in sound4 British & World English

another name for Øresund.

sound1 English Thesaurus

she heard the sound of the car driving away

sound2 English Thesaurus

your heart is as sound as a young man's

sound3 English Thesaurus

he was sounding the depth of the river with a pole

sound4 English Thesaurus

he cast off and headed back across the sound

sound in cogent English Thesaurus

a cogent argument

sound in sound2 English Thesaurus

your heart is as sound as a young man's

sound in valid English Thesaurus

a valid criticism

sound off British & World English

Express one’s opinions in a loud or forceful manner

heart sound British & World English

A sound heard during auscultation of the heart; especially either of the two sounds made by the closing of the heart valves.

Puget Sound British & World English

An inlet of the Pacific on the coast of Washington State in the US. It is linked to the ocean by the Strait of Juan de Fuca

sound bite British & World English

A short extract from a recorded interview or speech, chosen for its succinctness or concision

sound card British & World English

A device which can be slotted into a computer to allow the use of audio components for multimedia applications

sound post British & World English

A small wooden rod wedged between the front and back surfaces of a violin or similar instrument and modifying its vibrations

sound shift British & World English

A systematic change in the pronunciation of a set of speech sounds as a language evolves

sound stage British & World English

An area of a film studio with acoustic properties suitable for the recording of sound, typically used to record dialogue

sound wave British & World English

A wave of compression and rarefaction, by which sound is propagated in an elastic medium such as air

optical sound British & World English

Recorded sound represented by a pattern of light and dark alongside the frames of a film.

Kalmar Sound British & World English

A narrow strait between the mainland of SE Sweden and the island of Öland, in the Baltic Sea

Pamlico Sound British & World English

An inlet of the Atlantic Ocean in eastern North Carolina, inside the islands of the Outer Banks, south of Albemarle Sound

sound barrier British & World English

The increased drag, reduced controllability, and other effects which occur when an aircraft approaches the speed of sound, formerly regarded as an obstacle to supersonic flight

sound effect British & World English

A sound other than speech or music made artificially for use in a play, film, or other broadcast production

sound system British & World English

A set of equipment for the reproduction and amplification of sound

speech sound British & World English

A phonetically distinct unit of speech

Liverpool sound British & World English

The melodic popular music associated with the Beatles and other Liverpool bands, especially of the 1960s.

muscular sound British & World English

The sound or resonance produced by the contraction of a muscle.

Albemarle Sound British & World English

An inlet of the Atlantic Ocean in northeastern North Carolina, inside the Outer Banks

sound engineer British & World English

A technician dealing with acoustics for a broadcast or musical performance

sound pressure British & World English

The difference between the instantaneous pressure at a point in the presence of a sound wave and the static pressure of the medium

sound symbolism British & World English

The partial representation of the sense of a word by its sound, as in bang, fizz, and slide

surround sound British & World English

A system of stereophony involving three or more speakers surrounding the listener so as to give a more realistic effect

sound conditioner British & World English

A device designed to mask or block out undesirable sounds by generating white noise or some other continuous, unobtrusive sound

sound spectrograph British & World English

An instrument for analysing sound into its frequency components

environmentally sound British & World English

In accordance with environmentalist principles; environmentally friendly.

Prince William Sound British & World English

An inlet of the Pacific Ocean in south central Alaska, scene of a huge 1989 oil tanker spill. Cordova and Valdez are the main ports

safe British & World English

Uninjured; with no harm done

sound off in sound1 British & World English

Express one’s opinions in a loud or forceful manner

knell British & World English

Used in reference to an announcement, event, or sound that warns of the end of something

soundbar British & World English

A bar-shaped device containing multiple speakers, used with a television set, computer, or MP3 player

broken record British & World English

Used, especially in similes, to refer to a person’s constant and annoying repetition of a particular statement or opinion

death knell British & World English

Used to refer to the imminent destruction or failure of something

infrasound British & World English

Sound waves with frequencies below the lower limit of human audibility

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