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sprinkling British & World English

A small thinly distributed amount of something

sprinkle British & World English

Cover (an object or surface) with small drops or particles of a substance

sprinkling English Thesaurus

serve with a sprinkling of nutmeg

sprinkling English-Spanish

a sprinkling of vinegar

add a sprinkling of sugar in sprinkling English-Spanish

espolvoree con un poco de azúcar

they were sprinkling the roads with salt in sprinkle English-Spanish

estaban echando sal en las carreteras

we only got a sprinkling of snow/rain in sprinkling English-Spanish

solo cayeron unos cuantos copos de nieve /unas gotas de lluvia

his story was enlivened by a sprinkling of anecdotes in sprinkling English-Spanish

amenizó su relato salpicándolo de anécdotas

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