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stain British & World English

Mark or discolour with something that is not easily removed

Gram stain British & World English

A staining technique for the preliminary identification of bacteria, in which a violet dye is applied, followed by a decolorizing agent and then a red dye. The cell walls of certain bacteria (denoted Gram-positive) retain the first dye and appear violet, while those that lose it (denoted Gram-negative) appear red

wood stain British & World English

A commercially produced substance for colouring wood

port wine stain British & World English

A kind of large, deep red birthmark, a persistent haemangioma or naevus, typically on the face

bloodstain British & World English

A mark or discoloration on fabric or a surface caused by blood

stain English Thesaurus

her clothing was stained with blood

stain English-Spanish

mancha f

stain remover English-Spanish

quitamanchas m

port wine stain English-Spanish

mancha, mancha, antojo mfamiliar/colloquial

wood stain in wood English-Spanish

colorante m para madera

blood stain in stain English-Spanish

mancha de sangre

to stain blue/red in stain English-Spanish

teñirse* de azul/rojo

to scrub a stain off in scrub English-Spanish

quitar una mancha fregando

the stain cleaned off easily in clean English-Spanish

la mancha salió sin problemas

how did that stain get there? in get English-Spanish

¿esa mancha de dónde salió?

I couldn't get the stain out in stain English-Spanish

no pude quitar la mancha, la mancha no salió

dab the stain with a damp cloth in dab English-Spanish

frote suavemente la mancha con un trapo húmedo

don't try to wash the stain off in wash English-Spanish

no intentes quitar la mancha

dab the stain off with a wet sponge in dab English-Spanish

quite la mancha dándole ligeros toques con una esponja mojada

this will take the stain off the tablecloth in take English-Spanish

esto le quitará la mancha al mantel

I've tried everything, but the stain won't come out in try English-Spanish

he probado con todo, pero la mancha no sale