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status British & World English

Relative social or professional position; standing

status English Thesaurus

an improvement in the status of women

non-status British & World English

That does not have status, especially social or professional status.

high-status British & World English

Ranking highly in a social or professional hierarchy

low-status British & World English

Ranking low in a social or professional hierarchy

status bar British & World English

A horizontal bar, usually at the bottom of the screen or window, showing information about a document being edited or a program running

status quo British & World English

The existing state of affairs, especially regarding social or political issues

status group British & World English

A number of people grouped or considered together owing to similar social position or standing.

status report British & World English

A report describing the current situation with regard to a business, project, matter, etc., especially one in a series of such reports summarizing a changing state of affairs.

status seeker British & World English

A person concerned with improving his or her social standing, or with demonstrating his or her high social standing.

status system British & World English

A social system organized around the status of individuals; a social group in which status derives from a person's position or achievement with regard to some aspect of the group's activity.

status update British & World English

An update on the current situation with regard to a particular service, project, person, etc.; (now) specifically an update to a person's status on a social networking site.

social status British & World English

A person’s standing or importance in relation to other people within a society

status symbol British & World English

A possession that is taken to indicate a person’s wealth or high social or professional status

status anxiety British & World English

Anxiety about one's social rank, position, or standing.

status enquiry British & World English

An official enquiry into the solvency or creditworthiness of a person, company, etc.

status-seeking British & World English

That seeks to improve one's social standing, or demonstrate one's high social standing.

marital status British & World English

One’s situation with regard to whether one is single, married, separated, divorced, or widowed

status-conscious British & World English

Aware of or (excessively) interested in one's social status.

status-dissenting British & World English

Designating a person or group, especially of working-class origin, seeking to attain a higher social status.

status lymphaticus British & World English

Generalized enlargement or prominence of lymphoid tissue, especially in children; a syndrome characterized by this.

status symbolism British & World English

The practice of seeking or acquiring status symbols; the fact of being a status symbol.

status asthmaticus British & World English

A severe condition in which asthma attacks follow one another without pause

status epilepticus British & World English

A dangerous condition in which epileptic fits follow one another without recovery of consciousness between them

conservation status British & World English

The status accorded to an area of special interest, an endangered species, etc., in relation to its need for (legal) protection from undesirable change or the detrimental effects of human activity.

status quo ante British & World English

The previously existing state of affairs

status quo ante bellum British & World English

The state of affairs that existed before a war.