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they say British & World English

It is rumoured

as they say in the trade in trade English-Spanish

como dicen los del gremio

they say it'll be fine tomorrow in fine English-Spanish

dicen que mañana hará buen tiempo

they say she's going, but that's garbage in garbage English-Spanish

dicen que se va, pero son puras estupideces

they want a say in the decision making in say English-Spanish

quieren participar en la toma de decisiones

they say it's safe, but I'm still scared in still English-Spanish

dicen que no hay peligro pero igual

they didn't say so, but it was understood in understood English-Spanish

no lo dijeron pero quedó sobreentendido

manufacturers say they are being squeezed too hard in squeeze English-Spanish

los industriales se quejan de que los están asfixiando

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