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transfer British & World English

Move from one place to another

transfer English Thesaurus

the plants should be transferred into a tank

free transfer British & World English

A transfer of a player from one team to another without a fee.

mass transfer British & World English

Movement of one substance through or into another at a molecular level.

wire transfer British & World English

An order to transfer funds issued by means of a telegraphic (now also electronic) message.

wire-transfer British & World English

To transfer (funds) by means of a wire transfer.

transfer fee British & World English

A fee paid by one soccer or rugby club to another for the transfer of a player

transfer list British & World English

A soccer or rugby club’s list of players available for transfer

transfer RNA British & World English

RNA consisting of folded molecules which transport amino acids from the cytoplasm of a cell to a ribosome

marked transfer British & World English

An instrument for the transfer of shares of certified value.

retro-transfer British & World English

The action or an act of transferring something back again.

credit transfer British & World English

A system whereby successfully completed units of study contributing towards a degree or diploma can be transferred from one course to another

transfer factor British & World English

A substance released by antigen-sensitized lymphocytes and capable of transferring the response of delayed hypersensitivity to a non-sensitized cell or individual into which it is introduced

transfer orbit British & World English

A trajectory by which a spacecraft can pass from one orbit to another at a higher altitude, especially a geostationary orbit

transfer window British & World English

A specific period in the year during which soccer clubs may buy and sell players

language transfer British & World English

The phenomenon whereby acquisition of a new language is influenced by the grammar, pronunciation, orthography, or other aspects of an individual's first language (or another previously learned language), which may either inhibit or facilitate learning.

negative transfer British & World English

The transfer of effects from the learning of one skill which hinder the learning of another.

oblivious transfer British & World English

A kind of protocol, of particular importance in cryptography, which allows information to be transmitted in such a way that it may or may not be received successfully and the sender remains unaware of the outcome.

positive transfer British & World English

The transfer of effects from the learning of one skill that facilitate the subsequent learning of another.

thought transfer British & World English

Transference or communication of thought from one mind to another apart from the ordinary channels of sense; telepathy.

thought-transfer British & World English

To convey by thought or telepathically.

transfer function British & World English

A mathematical function relating the output or response of a system such as a filter circuit to the input or stimulus

transfer payment British & World English

A payment made or income received in which no goods or services are being paid for, such as a benefit payment or subsidy

information transfer British & World English

The process of transferring information from one person or location to another

technology transfer British & World English

The transfer of new technology from the originator to a secondary user, especially from developed to developing countries in an attempt to boost their economies

capital transfer tax British & World English

(In the UK) a tax levied on the transfer of capital by gift or bequest (replaced in 1986 by inheritance tax)

horizontal gene transfer British & World English

The acquisition by an organism of genetic information by transfer, for example via the agency of a virus, from an organism that is not its parent and is typically a member of a different species

asynchronous transfer mode British & World English

A network protocol by which data to be transmitted is encoded into cells of fixed size (rather than packets of variable size), these cells being sent on demand over individually preset routes; abbreviated ATM.

electronic benefits transfer British & World English

The electronic delivery of credit to a recipient of government benefits (especially food stamps), usually via a payment card with which the recipient may make purchases.

electronic funds transfer British & World English

The transfer of money between bank accounts by electronic means.

personnel transfer capsule British & World English

A capsule in which divers are transported to and from the surface so as to reduce the effects of decompression.

potentially exempt transfer British & World English

A gift made from one person to another which is exempt from inheritance tax provided the donor survives for seven years after the gift is made; abbreviated PET.

resistance transfer factor British & World English

An R plasmid; (also) the part of a conjugative R plasmid which contains the genes involved in conjugation.

transfer-list in transfer list British & World English

Make (a player) available for transfer