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vector British & World English

A quantity having direction as well as magnitude, especially as determining the position of one point in space relative to another

free vector British & World English

A vector of which only the magnitude and direction are specified, not the position or line of action

row vector British & World English

A vector represented by a matrix consisting of a single row of elements

unit vector British & World English

A vector which has a magnitude of one

radius vector British & World English

A line of variable length drawn from a fixed origin to a curve

state vector British & World English

A vector in a space whose dimensions correspond to all the independent wave functions of a system, the instantaneous value of the vector conveying all possible information about the state of the system at that instant

vector field British & World English

A function of a space whose value at each point is a vector quantity

vector space British & World English

A space consisting of vectors, together with the associative and commutative operation of addition of vectors, and the associative and distributive operation of multiplication of vectors by scalars

vector product British & World English

The product of two real vectors in three dimensions which is itself a vector at right angles to both the original vectors. Its magnitude is the product of the magnitudes of the original vectors and the sine of the angle between their directions

vector processor British & World English

A processor that is able to process sequences of data with a single instruction