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voice British & World English

The sound produced in a person’s larynx and uttered through the mouth, as speech or song

voice English Thesaurus

there was great dismay when the starlet lost her voice

in voice British & World English

In proper vocal condition for singing or speaking

voice coach British & World English

A person who provides voice training, typically for actors, public speakers, singers, etc.

voice flute British & World English

A recorder pitched in D between the treble and tenor recorders.

voice level British & World English

The volume of a person's voice, especially as measured for recording or broadcasting purposes.

voice memo British & World English

A spoken message or reminder recorded on a voicemail system or personal recording device.

voice-music British & World English

Music produced by the voice, singing; music written for the voice.

voice part British & World English

A part or melody written for the voice, a vocal part.

voice pipe British & World English

A pipe for conveying a person's voice from one room or building to another, especially on a ship.

voice radio British & World English

A two-way radio for personal communication; = transceiver.

voice test British & World English

A test of a person's ability to hear a whispered or spoken word or phrase from a set distance, as a gauge of hearing ability.

chest voice British & World English

The lowest register of the voice in singing or speaking

head voice British & World English

One of the high registers of the voice in speaking or singing, above chest voice

voice coil British & World English

A coil of wire that drives the cone of a loudspeaker according to the signal current flowing in it

voice-over British & World English

A piece of narration in a film or broadcast, not accompanied by an image of the speaker

voice vote British & World English

A vote taken by noting the relative strength and volume of calls of aye and no

poetry voice British & World English

A pompous or mannered style of writing poetry or reading it aloud.

Punch's voice British & World English

The distinctive voice used for the character Punch, described as rasping, nasal, or squeaky and usually produced by means of a device known as a swazzle.

voice mailbox British & World English

An electronic storage area within a voicemail system in which telephone messages are stored for later access and playback.

voice message British & World English

A transmission or recording of a spoken message; (in later use) specifically = voicemail.

voice pattern British & World English

The modulations and tones of voice characteristic of an individual's speech, especially used as a means of identification.

voice teacher British & World English

A person who provides voice training; = voice coach.

active voice British & World English

A form or set of forms of a verb in which the subject is typically the person or thing performing the action and which can take a direct object (e.g. she loved him as opposed to the passive form he was loved)

passive voice British & World English

A form or set of forms of a verb in which the subject undergoes the action of the verb (e.g. they were killed as opposed to the active form he killed them)

voice channel British & World English

A channel with a bandwidth sufficiently great to accommodate speech

voice frequency British & World English

A frequency within the range required for the transmission of speech (commonly taken as 200 or 300 Hz to 3000 Hz or higher).

voice-operated British & World English

(Of an electrical device) operated using the voice.

voice recorder British & World English

A device used to record the voice.

voice training British & World English

Training to improve or adapt the voice, especially for acting or singing.

voice-activated British & World English

(Of an electronic device) able to be controlled by spoken commands

voice synthesizer British & World English

A machine designed to generate sounds imitative of the human voice, especially sounds recognizable as meaningful speech.

give voice to British & World English

Allow (a particular emotion or opinion) to be expressed

with one voice British & World English

In complete agreement; unanimously

voice recognition British & World English

Computer analysis of the human voice, especially for the purposes of interpreting words and phrases or identifying an individual voice

voice onset time British & World English

The period between the release of a plosive consonant and the beginning of vocal cord vibration.

male voice choir British & World English

A choir of male singers

still small voice British & World English

The voice of one’s conscience (with reference to 1 Kings 19:12)

Voice of America British & World English

An official US radio station founded in 1942, operated by the Board for International Broadcasting, that broadcasts around the world in English and other languages

voice stress analyser British & World English

A machine for performing voice stress analysis.

voice stress analysis British & World English

Analysis of the degree of stress in a person's voice (especially as represented by a particular laryngeal component), used as a means of judging the truthfulness of what he or she is saying.

electronic voice phenomenon British & World English

The supposed phenomenon of the manifestation of voices, alleged to be of paranormal origin, on audio recordings made in apparently silent or uninhabited places; an instance of this (chiefly in plural).

voice recognition technology British & World English

The technology that enables a machine or computer program to receive and interpret dictation or to understand and carry out spoken commands

tone British & World English

A modulation of the voice expressing a particular feeling or mood

a voice in the wilderness British & World English

An unheeded advocate of reform (see Matt. 3:3 etc.)

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