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peinado Spanish-English

siempre va muy bien peinada

peinado in peinado Spanish-English

siempre va muy bien peinada

peinado Spanish

Acción de peinar cabellos, pelos o fibras:

ese peinado te envejece in envejecer Spanish-English

that hairstyle makes you look older

le queda mal ese peinado in mal Spanish-English

that hairstyle doesn't suit her

un peinado de última moda in moda Spanish-English

a very fashionable hairstyle, an up-to-the-minute hairstyle

ese peinado te quita años in quitar Spanish-English

that hairstyle takes years off you

ese peinado te hace vieja in viejo Spanish-English

that hairstyle makes you look old

ese peinado te alarga la cara in alargar Spanish-English

that hairstyle makes your face look longer

ese peinado ya no se estila in estilar Spanish-English

that hairstyle isn't fashionable any more

ese peinado le come mucho la cara in comer Spanish-English

that hairstyle hides half her face

ese peinado le quedaba muy bien in quedar Spanish-English

that hairstyle really suited her, her hair looked really good like that

ha ganado mucho con el nuevo peinado in ganar Spanish-English

her new hairstyle has really done a lot for her

llevaba un peinado del año de la pera in año Spanish-English

she had a hairstyle that went out with the ark, her hairstyle was really old-fashioned

el nuevo peinado la asemeja a su madre in asemejar Spanish-English

her new hairstyle makes her look like her mother

con ese nuevo peinado ya parece otra cosa in cosa Spanish-English

with her new hairstyle she looks a new woman

ese peinado es del tiempo de Maricastaña in tiempo Spanish-English

that hairstyle looks as if it came out of the ark, that hairstyle looks really old-fashioned

con ese cambio de peinado se ha quitado veinte años de encima in año Spanish-English

that change of hairdo has taken twenty years off her