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recoger Spanish-English

to pick up

recoger el guante in guante Spanish-English

to take up the gauntlet

¿te vienen a recoger? — eso espero in esperar Spanish-English

are they coming to collect you? — I hope so

no pienso recoger vuestros trastos in recoger Spanish-English

I don't intend to pick up your junk

voy adentro a recoger las maletas in recoger Spanish-English

I'll go inside and get the suitcases

un asilo para recoger a los vagabundos in recoger Spanish-English

a hostel to provide shelter for vagrants

venga, recoger ya, que vamos a comer in recoger Spanish-English

come on, clear up (your things), it's time to eat

se acercó todo ufano a recoger el premio in ufano Spanish-English

he went up proudly to receive the prize

volvió con el pretexto de recoger el paraguas in pretexto Spanish-English

he went back on the pretext of getting his umbrella

no llegó a recoger el fruto de su trabajo in recoger Spanish-English

he was unable to reap the fruits of his labor

no había logrado nada y decidió que era hora de recoger velas in vela Spanish-English

he had achieved nothing and he decided it was time to throw in the towel