13 Law and legal references

13.6 International treaties, conventions, etc.

Apart from EU treaties, where the short name usually suffices (see above), set out the full name of the treaty or convention with the following information in parentheses:

  • • the date of signature or adoption and, if available, the date it entered into force

  • • the Treaty Series number (or if not yet published, the International Legal Materials (ILM) citation) or, if earlier, other relevant number

  • • the familiar name

  • • any relevant protocols.

For example, a reference to the Refugee Convention should be expressed as follows:

Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees (adopted 28 July 1951, entered into force 22 April 1954) 189 UNTS 137 (Refugee Convention)

A short title will suffice for subsequent references in the same chapter.

References to the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and US Restatements should be set in roman, for example ‘UCC ss 2–203’.

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