Explore the Spanish language

Explore the Spanish language

Thousands of Spanish words, phrases, and translations available for free – along with essential resources to support your learning and to help with translation.

spanish internet
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Spanish Internet terms – how to fill gaps in a language


Back when I was at school learning Standard Grade Spanish, the only computing word that we needed to know was ordenador,…

Spanish spelling

Here is how to avoid making spelling mistakes in Spanish.

Genders in Spanish

Find out how to to determine the genders of Spanish nouns, and learn about the common exceptions.

Useful phrases in Spanish

Here is a selection of useful words and phrases you will need in real-life situations while you're visiting Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries.

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English Spanish false friends can be hard to keep track of.
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False Friends between English and Spanish


Building a bridge between two languages is a very demanding undertaking, and ‘false friends’ make it harder still. False…