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Pronunciation: /dʒam/

Translation of jam in Arabic:

transitive verb/فعل متعد (- mm-)

  • 1 (to press) to jam things into a case/drawer حَشَرَ الأَشْياءَ في صُنْدوقٍ \ دُرْجٍ she jammed her clothes into the bag حَشَرَتْ مَلابِسَها في الحَقيبةِ to jam one's hat on ضَغَطَ القُبَّعةَ على رَأْسِهِ to jam the brake on ضَغَطَ على المِكْبَحِ بِقوّةٍ
  • 2 (to wedge) زَنَقَ (I) (stem vowel = a or i) [the door] [window] jam the window so that it doesn't rattle اُزْنُق النافِذةَ بِحَيْثُ لا تَهْتَزُّ we were jammed together like sardines in a can انْحَشَرْنا مَعاً مِثْلَ السَرْدين في عُلْبةٍ
  • 3
    (also jam up)
    (to fill up) زَحَمَ (I) (stem vowel = a) cars jammed (up) the roads زَحَمَت السَيّاراتُ الشَوارِعَ people jammed the exits زَحَمَ الناسُ المَخارِجَ to be jammed with people/things ‫كانَ مُزْدَحِماً بالناسِ \ بالأَشْياءِ‬
  • 4
    (also jam up)
    (to block) سَدَّ (I) (stem vowel = u) [the lock] [motor] [system]
  • 5 (in broadcasts) شَوَّشَ (II) (+ على) [a transmission] [frequency]

intransitive verb/فعل غير متعد (-mm-)

  • (to become stuck) [locks] [windows] تَعَطَّلَ (V) the printer keeps jamming ‫تَتَعَطَّلُ الطابِعةُ بِاسْتِمْرارٍ‬


  • 1 (condiment) مُرَبّى (plural: مُرَبَّيات) apricot jam مُرَبّى المِشْمِشِ
  • 2 (congestion of people) زِحام; (of traffic) اخْتِناق (plural: اخْتِناقات) there was such a jam I couldn't get a ticket كانَ هُناكَ زِحامٌ شَديدٌ لِدَرَجةِ أَنَّني لم أَسْتَطِع الحُصولَ على تَذْكِرةٍ
  • 3 (operational failure) انْحِشار there's a jam in the paper feed هُناكَ انْحِشارٌ في تَغْذِيةِ الوَرَقِ
  • 4 [informal/غير رسمي], (difficult situation) وَرْطة (plural: وَرَطات, plural: وِراط), مَأْزِق (plural: مَآزِقُ) we're in a real jam now! نَحْنُ في وَرْطةٍ حَقيقيّةٍ الآنَ! to help sb out of a jam ساعَدَ شَخْصاً في الخُروجِ من مَأْزِقٍ

Phrasal verbs

jam in

jam in دَخَلَ بِصُعوبةٍ
jam [sth/sb] in (to pack in) حَشَرَ [شَيْئاً \ شَخْصاً] [books] [passengers]

Definition of jam in:

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