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Pronunciation: /dʒɔɪn/

Translation of join in Arabic:

transitive verb/فعل متعد

  • 1 (to meet up with) رافَقَ (III) [a colleague] [your family] may I join you? هل يُمْكِنُني أنْ أُرافِقَكَ؟
  • 2 (to become a member of) انْضَمَّ (VII) (+ إلى) [an organization] [a party] [a club] [expedition] join the club! [informal/غير رسمي] الحالُ من بَعْضِهِ!
  • 3 (to become part of) انْضَمَّ (VII) (+ إلى) [a queue] [line] [demonstration] to join the protests/strike انْضَمَّ إلى الاحْتِجاجاتِ \ الإضْرابِ we joined the rush for the door انْطَلَقْنا مع مَنْ هَرَعوا إلى البابِ
  • 4 (to become an employee of) انْضَمَّ (VII) (+ إلى) [a firm] [company] to join the navy/the secret service انْضَمَّ إلى البَحَريّةِ \ جِهازِ المُخابَراتِ
  • 5 (to be in association with) انْضَمَّ (VII) (+ إلى) to join forces with sb وَقَفَ جَنْباً إلى جَنْبٍ مع شَخْصٍ
  • 8 (to link) رَبَطَ (stem vowel = i or u) (I) [the towns]; وَصَّلَ (II) (+ بين) [dots] the road that joins the two cities الطَريق الّذي يَرْبِطُ المَدينَتَيْنِ the causeway that joins Bahrain to Saudi Arabia الجِسْر الّذي يَرْبِطُ البَحْرَيْنِ بالمَمْلَكةِ العَرَبيّةِ السَعوديّةِ

intransitive verb/فعل غير متعد


Phrasal verbs

join in

(to participate) [singers] [bystanders] شارَكَ (III) 1.1join in [sth] (to participate in) شارَكَ في شَيْءٍ [the celebrations] [protest] [discussion] to join in the fun شارَكَ في المَرَحِ

join up

[military/العسكرية] (to enlist) الْتَحَقَ بالجَيْشِ 1.1 (to meet up) [friends] الْتَقى (VIII)
join up [sth]join [sth] up وَصَّلَ بين [شَيْءٍ] [the dots]

Definition of join in:

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