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British English: /ˈmɛni/
American English: /ˈmɛni/

Translation of many in Arabic:


  • (units, things, people)
    كَثير (plural: كَثيرونَ, plural: كِثار)
    many people many times
    أَوْقات كَثيرة
    for many years
    لِسَنَواتٍ عَديدةٍ
    how many people/times?
    كم شَخْصاً \ مَرّةً؟
    too many visitors
    عَدَد زائِد من الزوّارِ
    I have as many books as you (do)
    لَدَيَّ نَفْسُ عَدَدِ كُتُبِكَ
    so many questions
    أَسْئِلة كَثيرة جِدًّا
    there are many models to choose from
    هُناكَ الكَثيرُ من النَماذِجِ للاخْتِيارِ من بَيْنِها
    I don't have very many books
    لَيْسَ لَدَيَّ الكَثيرُ من الكُتِبِ

pronoun/ضمير comparative form/صيغة التفضيل more superlative/اسم التفضيل most

  • كَثير (plural: كَثيرونَ, plural: كِثار)
    not many
    عَدَد قَليل
    عَدَد لَيْسَ بِكَثيرٍ
    too many
    كَثير جِدًّا
    how many?
    as many as you like
    العَدَد الّذي تُريدُهُ
    I didn't know there were so many
    لم أَكُنْ أَعْرِفُ أَنَّهُمْ بِهَذا العَدَدِ الكَبيرِ
    many of them were genuine/false
    الكَثيرُ مِنْها كانَ حَقيقيًّا \ زائِفاً
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