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British English: /steɪ/
American English: /steɪ/

Translation of stay in Arabic:

intransitive verb/فعل غير متعد

  • 1
    (to remain)
    please stay for lunch
    ابْقَ من فَضْلِكَ للغَداءِ
    to stay in bed/at home
    بَقِيَ في الفِراشِ \ في البَيْتِ
    please stay calm
    ابْقَ هادِئاً من فَضْلِكَ
    to stay put
    بَقِيَ في مَكانِهِ
    digital technology is here to stay
    التِكْنولوجِيا الرَقْميّةُ وُجِدَتْ لِتَبْقى
  • 2 (to have accommodation) to stay in a hotel/at a friend's house
    أَقامَ في فُنْدُقٍ \ في بَيْتِ صَديقٍ
  • 3 (to visit) to come to stay
    جاءَ للزِيارةِ


  • 1
    (period of visit)
    enjoy your stay!
    اسْتَمْتِعْ بِإقامَتِكَ
    a short stay in hospital
    إقامة قَصيرة في المُسْتَشْفى
  • 2 (Law/القانون)
    also: stay of execution
    وَقْف التَنْفيذِ
    a stay of execution in the extradition proceedings
    وَقْف التَنْفيذِ في إجْراءاتِ التَسْليمِ

Phrasal verbs

stay away

(to remain distant)
بَقِيَ بَعيداً
to stay away from the water's edge
بَقِيَ بَعيداً عن حافّةِ الماءِ
2 (not to attend) to stay away from classes/work
تَغَيَّبَ عن الدِراسةِ \ العَمَلِ

stay behind

(students, workers)

stay in

(not to go out) (children, family)
بَقِيَ في البَيْتِ

stay out

1 (to remain away) to stay out late/all night
بَقِيَ خارِجاً لِساعةٍ مُتَأَخِّرةٍ \ طوال اللَيْلِ
to stay out of sight
بَقِيَ بَعيداً عن الأَنْظارِ
stay out of his way
ابْقَ بَعيداً عن طَريقِهِ
2 (to continue on strike)
واصَلَ الإضْرابَ

stay up

1 (not go to bed) we stayed up all night
سَهِرْنا طوال اللَيْلِ
(not to fall down) (buildings)
بَقِيَ قائِماً
Definition of stay in:
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