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Pronunciation: /strʌɪk/

Translation of strike in Arabic:

transitive verb/فعل متعد (past tense/زمن الماضي, past participle/اسم المفعول struck)

  • 1 (to hit) ضَرَبَ (I) (stem vowel = i) [the ball] [a person]; [torpedo] [missiles] أَصابَ (IV) [the ship] [target] to strike sth with a stick/hammer ضَرَبَ شَيْئاً بِعَصاً \ بِمِطْرَقةٍ to strike a blow for sth اتَّخَذَ مَوْقِفاً داعِماً لِشَيْءٍ to strike sb dead ضَرَبَ شَخْصاً ضَرْبةً أَوْدَتْ بِحَياتِهِ to be struck by lightning أُصيبَ بِصاعِقةٍ to be struck dumb with amazement أَخْرَسَتْهُ الدَهْشةُ
  • 2 (to crash into) ارْتَطَمَ (VIII) (+ ب) [a rock] [tree] [pedestrian] he struck his head on the beam اصْطَدَمَ رَأْسُهُ بالعارِضةِ الخَشَبيّةِ
  • 3 (to afflict) ضَرَبَ (I) (stem vowel = i), أَصابَ (IV) [an area] [a family] [community] disaster struck the town أُصيبَت المَدينةُ بِكارِثةٍ the decree struck terror into the inhabitants أَصابَ القَرارُ السُكّانَ بالفَزَعِ
  • 4 (to impress) [ideas] [thoughts] [resemblance] تَراءى (VI) (+ ل) it strikes me that it's very important أَظُنُّ أَنَّهُ مُهِمٌّ جِدًّا how does the idea strike you? كيف تَبْدو لَكَ الفِكْرةُ؟ how did he strike you? ما رَأْيُكَ فيهِ؟ I was struck with him تَرَكَ لَدَيَّ انْطِباعاً حَسَناً
  • 6 (to conclude) عَقَدَ (stem vowel = i) (I), أَبْرَمَ (IV) [a bargain] [deal] to strike a balance حَقَّقَ تَوازُناً
  • 8 [clocks] دَقَّ (I) (stem vowel = u) [the hour] [six] it had just struck two دَقَّت الساعةُ الثانِيةُ للتَوِّ
  • 9to strike a name/item from a list حَذَفَ اسْماً \ بَنْداً من قائِمةٍ
  • 10 (to take down) فَكَّ (stem vowel = u) (I) [a tent] [scaffolding] to strike camp فَكَّ الخَيْمةَ

intransitive verb/فعل غير متعد (past tense/زمن الماضي, past participle/اسم المفعول struck)

  • 1 (to hit) [bombs] أُطْلِقَ my head struck against the beam اصْطَدَمَ رَأْسي بالعارِضةِ
  • 2 (to attack) [killers] [robbers] هاجَمَ (III), هَجَمَ (stem vowel = u) (I); [storms] هَبَّ (stem vowel = u) (I) the terrorists have struck again قامَ الإرْهابيّونَ بِهُجومٍ آخَرَ disaster struck وَقَعَتْ كارِثةٌ to strike at a target/an enemy هاجَمَ هَدَفاً \ عَدوًّا
  • 3 (in labour disputes) [workers] أَضْرَبَ (IV) to strike for better wages/against the cuts أَضْرَبَ (عن العَمَلِ) للمُطالَبةِ بِتَحْسينِ الأُجورِ \ اعْتِراضاً على تَخْفيضِ الأُجورِ
  • 4 [clock] دَقَّ (I) (stem vowel = u) six o'clock struck دَقَّت الساعةُ السادِسةُ
  • 5 (to go somewhere) to strike north مَضى نحو الشَمالِ to strike out across the desert مَضى عَبْرَ الصَحْراءِ


  • 1 (by workers) إضْراب (plural: إضْرابات) to be on/come out on strike كانَ مُضْرِباً \ قامَ بِإضْرابٍ (عن العَمَلِ)
  • 2 (attack) هُجوم, غارة the air force launched a strike against the port شَنَّت القوّاتُ الجَوّيّةُ هُجوماً على الميناءِ
  • 3 (in mining, drilling) اكْتِشاف مُفاجِئ it was a lucky strike كانَ ضَرْبةَ حَظٍّ
  • 4 (in baseball) ضَرْبة فاشِلة

Phrasal verbs

strike back

(to retaliate) [defence force] رَدَّ (stem vowel = u) (I), انْتَقَمَ (VIII)

strike down

strike [sb] downstrike down [sb] (to kill) [cancer] [bullets] قَتَلَ [شَخْصاً] 1.1 (to incapacitate) [malaria] أَقْعَدَ [شَخْصاً]

strike off

(to go off) انْطَلَقَ (VII)
strike [sth] offstrike off [sth] (to delete) حَذَفَ [شَيْئاً] [an item] [a name]
strike [sb] off شَطَبَ اسْمَ [شَخْصٍ] [a doctor]

strike out

(to hit out) هاجَمَ (III) to strike out at one's critics هاجَمَ مُنْتَقِديهِ 1.1 (to head for) to strike out towards sth اتَّجَهَ نحو شَيْءٍ to strike out on one's own بَدَأَ مَشْروعاً مُسْتَقِلاًّ
strike [sth] outstrike out [sth] (to delete) حَذَفَ \ شَطَبَ [شَيْئاً] [a name] [an item]

strike up

[band] [musician] بَدَأَ في العَزْفِ
strike up [sth] [band] [musicians] عَزَفَ [شَيْئاً] [a tune] [waltz] to strike up a conversation with sb اسْتَهَلَّ \ بَدَأَ مُحادَثةً مع شَخْصٍ

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