Translation of they in Arabic:


Pronunciation: /ðeɪ/


  • 1 (masculine or mixed) هُمْ; (feminine) هُنَّ; (dual) هُما; (non-human) هِيَ they have gone لَقَدْ ذَهَبوا where are they? أَيْنَ هُمْ؟
  • 2 (unspecified person, people) هُوَ someone called, but they didn't give their name أَحَدُهُم اتَّصَلَ، لَكِنَّهُ لم يَذْكُر اسْمَهُ they've started the road repairs لَقَدْ بَدَؤوا في تَصْليحِ الطَريقِ they say she's an actress يُقالُ إنَّها مُمَثِّلةٌ

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