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British English: /θɪŋk/
American English: /θɪŋk/

Translation of think in Arabic:

transitive verb/فعل متعد past tense/زمن الماضي, past participle/اسم المفعول thought

  • 1
    (to believe)
    I think it's going to rain
    أَعْتَقِدُ أَنَّها سَتُمْطِرُ
    how much do you think it will cost?
    كم تَظُنُّ أَنَّها سَتُكَلِّفُ؟
    I think so
    أَعْتَقِدُ ذلك
    I don't think so, I think not
    لا أَعْتَقِدُ ذلك
    we thought it best to tell her
    اعْتَقَدْنا أَنَّهُ من الأَفْضَلِ أنْ نَقولَهُ لَها
  • 2
    (to imagine)
    who would have thought it!
    مَنْ كانَ يَتَخَيَّلُ ذلك!
    I didn't think you meant that!
    لم أَكُنْ أَعْتَقِدُ أَنَّكَ قَصَدْتَ ذلك
    I can't think how he did it
    لا أَسْتَطيعُ أنْ أَتَخَيَّلَ كيف فَعَلَهُ
    who do you think you are?
    مَنْ تَظُنُّ نَفْسَكَ؟
    what on earth do you think you're doing?
    ماذا تَظُنُّ أَنَّكَ فاعِلٌ؟
  • 3 (to have an idea) I think I'll take the car/go for a swim
    أُفَكِّرُ أَنّي سَآخُذُ السَيّارةَ \ سَأَذْهَبُ للسِباحةِ
    I didn't think to check
    لم أُفَكِّرْ في التَأَكُّدِ
  • 4 (in assessments) to think a lot of a person/of somebody's work
    قَدَّرَ شَخْصاً \ عَمَلَ شَخْصٍ تَقْديراً كَبيراً
    I don't think much of the food
    لا أَظُنُّ أنّ الطَعامَ جَيِّدٌ
    I don't think much of her boyfriend
    لا أُقَدِّرُ صَاحِبَها
  • 5 I can't think where I've put my keys
    لا أَتَذَكَّرُ أَيْنَ وَضَعْتُ مَفاتيحي
    try to think what he was wearing
    حاوِلْ أنْ تَتَذَكَّرَ ما كانَ يَلْبَسُ

intransitive verb/فعل غير متعد past tense/زمن الماضي, past participle/اسم المفعول thought

  • 1
    (to engage in thought)
    I'll have to think about it
    يَجِبُ أنْ أُفَكِّرَ فيهِ
    she couldn't think clearly
    لم تَسْتَطِعْ أنْ تُفَكِّرَ بِشَكْلٍ واضِحٍ
    to think hard
    فَكَّرَ مَليًّا
    to think for oneself
    فَكَّرَ بِشَكْلٍ مُسْتَقِلٍّ
  • 2 (to take into account)to think about or of somebody/something
    فَكَّرَ في شَخْصٍ \ شَيْءٍ
    think of your family/about the future
    فَكِّرْ في عائِلَتِكَ \ في مُسْتَقْبَلِكَ
    I can't think of everything!
    لا أَسْتَطيعُ أنْ أُفَكِّرَ في كُلِّ شَيْءٍ!
  • 3 (to regard)to think of somebody/something as something
    اعْتَبَرَ شَخْصاً \ شَيْئاً شَيْئاً
    he thinks of himself as an expert
    يَعْتَبِرُ نَفْسَهُ خَبيراً
    I always thought of it as a challenge
    لَطالَما اعْتَبَرْتُهُ تَحَدِّياً
  • 4 (to consider)to think of or about something
    فَكَّرَ في شَيْءٍ
    he's thinking of resigning
    يُفَكِّرُ في الاسْتِقالةِ
    I was thinking about a trip to Egypt
    كُنْتُ أُفَكِّرُ في رِحْلةٍ إلى مِصْرَ
    what were you thinking of?
    فيمَ كُنْتَ تُفَكِّرُ؟
    I wouldn't think of going there
    لا يُمْكِنُني التَفْكيرُ في الذَهابِ هُناكَ
  • 5 (to imagine)to think of something
    تَخَيَّلَ \ تَصَوَّرَ شَيْئاً
    a million pounds, think of that!
    مَلْيون جُنَيْهٍ، تَخَيَّلْ ذلك!
  • 6 (to remember)to think of something
    تَذَكَّرَ شَيْئاً
    I can't think of his name
    لا أَسْتَطيعُ أنْ أَتَذَكَّرَ اسْمَهُ
    if you think of anything else
    إذا تَذَكَّرْتَ أَيَّ شَيْءٍ آخَرَ


  • (British English/الإنكليزية البريطانية) to have a think about something
    كانَ لَدَيْهِ تَفْكيرٌ في شَيْءٍ


to think better of something

to think on one's feet

كانَ سَريعَ البَديهةِ

to think well or highly of somebody

قَدَّرَ شَخْصاً تَقْديراً كَبيراً

Phrasal verbs

think again

(to reconsider)
أَعادَ التَفْكيرَ

think ahead

(in planning)
فَكَّرَ في المُسْتَقْبَلِ

think back

حاوَلَ أنْ يَتَذَكَّرَ

think out

think out [something], think [something] out
دَرَسَ \ مَحَّصَ [شَيْئاً] (a plan, design, the implications)
to be well/badly thought out
كانَ مَدْروساً بِشَكْلٍ جَيِّدٍ \ سَيِّئٍ

think over

think over [something], think [something] over
دَرَسَ [شَيْئاً] بِرَويّةٍ (a proposal, conversation, situation)

think through

think through [something], think [something] through
دَرَسَ \ مَحَّصَ [شَيْئاً] (a proposal, plan, the consequences)
to be well/badly thought through
كانَ مَدْروساً بِشَكْلٍ جَيِّدٍ \ سَيِّئٍ

think up

think up [something]
اخْتَرَعَ \ ابْتَكَرَ [شَيْئاً] (a plan, an idea, a name)
he thought up a way of making it work
ابْتَكَرَ طَريقةً لِجَعْلِهِ يَعْمَلُ
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