Translation of wipe in Arabic:


Pronunciation: /wʌɪp/

transitive verb/فعل متعد

  • 1 (to rub, clean) مَسَحَ (stem vowel = a) (I) [one's face] [the plates] he wiped the table مَسَحَ الطاوِلةَ to wipe the floor clean نَظَّفَ الأَرْضيّةَ بِمِمْسَحةٍ ‘please wipe your feet’ "امْسَحْ رِجْلَيْكَ من فَضْلِكَ" she wiped her eyes مَسَحَتْ عَيْنَيْها to wipe one's nose مَسَحَ أَنْفَهُ
  • 2 (to erase) مَسَحَ (I) (stem vowel = a) [data] [an image]


  • 1 (rub, clean) مَسَحَ (I) (stem vowel = a) to give sth a wipe قامَ بِمَسْحِ شَيْءٍ [the table] [work surface] قامَ بِغَسْلِ \ بِشَطْفِ شَيْءٍ [the bath] [sink]
  • 2 (disposable cloth) مِنْديل صِحّيّ

Phrasal verbs

wipe away

wipe away [sth]wipe [sth] away مَسَحَ [شَيْئاً] [tears] [sweat] [mark]

wipe down

wipe down [sth]wipe [sth] down مَسَحَ [شَيْئاً] [a door] [table]

wipe off

wipe off [sth]wipe [sth] off (to clean off) نَظَّفَ [شَيْئاً] [the dirt] [a mark] [stain] 1.1 (to clean off) مَسَحَ [شَيْئاً] [data] [a file] [an image]

wipe out

[informal/غير رسمي], (to fall) سَقَطَ (I) (stem vowel = u)
wipe out [sth]wipe [sth] out (to kill) أَبادَ [شَيْئاً] [the enemy] [population] [a species] 1.1 (to eliminate) أَزالَ [شَيْئاً] [a memory] [the past]; أَلْغى [شَيْئاً] [a debt] [profit] 1.2 (to clean) نَظَّفَ [شَيْئاً] بِمِنْديلٍ [a container] [cupboard] 1.3 [informal/غير رسمي], (to defeat) أَلْحَقَ هَزيمةً ب [شَيْءٍ] [an opponent] [a team] [a player] 1.4 [informal/غير رسمي], (to break) كَسَرَ [شَيْئاً] [a record] [time]

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