There are 2 translations of a in French:


Pronunciation: /eɪ/


  • 1 (letter) a, A (m)

Definition of a in:

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Word of the day dinkum
Pronunciation: ˈdiNGkəm
(of an article or person) genuine

There are 2 translations of a in French:


Pronunciation: /eɪ; ə/


  • un/une
    • The determiner or indefinite article a or an is translated by un + masculine noun and by une + feminine noun: a tree = un arbre; a chair = une chaise. There are, however, some cases where the article is not translated:with professions and trades: her mother is a teacher = sa mère est professeur;with other nouns used in apposition: he's a widower = il est veuf;with what a: what a pretty house = quelle jolie maison.When expressing prices in relation to weight, the definite article le/la is used in French: ten euros a kilo = dix euros le kilo. In other expressions where a/an means per the French translation is par: twice a day = deux fois par jour; but: 50 kilometres an hour = 50 kilomètres/heure.

Definition of a in: