Translation of charge in French:


Pronunciation: /tʃɑːdʒ/


  • 2 (accusation) accusation (f) (of de); [Law] inculpation (f) murder charge inculpation d'assassinat to press charges against sb engager des poursuites contre qch
  • 4to be in charge [gen], être responsable (of de) [Mil] commander the person in charge le/la responsable to take charge prendre les choses en main


  • 1 prélever [commission]; percevoir [interest] (on sur) to charge sb for sth faire payer qch à qn how much do you charge? vous prenez combien? I charge £20 an hour je prends 20 livres sterling de l'heure
  • 2to charge sth to mettre qch sur [account]
  • 4 (rush at) charger [enemy]; [bull] foncer sur [person]


  • to charge into/out of se précipiter dans/de [room]

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