Translation of draw in French:


Pronunciation: /drɔː/


  • 2 [Sport] match (m) nul it was a draw (in race) ils sont arrivés ex aequo

vt (prét drew pp, drawn)

  • 2 (pull) [animal, engine] tirer
  • 3 tirer [conclusion] (from de)
  • 4 (attract) attirer [crowd] (to vers); susciter [reaction] to draw sb into mêler qn à [conversation] entraîner qn dans [argument, battle]
  • 6 (in lottery) tirer [qch] au sort [ticket]
  • 7 sortir [sword, knife] to draw a gun on sb sortir un pistolet et le braquer sur qn

vi (prét drew pp, drawn)

  • 2to draw ahead (of sb/sth) (in race) gagner du terrain (sur qn/qch) (in contest, election) prendre de l'avance (sur qn/qch) to draw alongside [boat] accoster to draw near [time] approcher to draw level se retrouver au même niveau


to draw the line

fixer des limites

to draw the line at doing

se refuser à faire

Phrasal verbs

draw away

(move off) s'éloigner (from de); (move ahead) prendre de l'avance (from sur)

draw in

draw in [days, nights] raccourcir 1.1 [bus] arriver; [train] entrer en gare
draw [sth] in rentrer [stomach, claws]

draw out

draw out [train, bus] partir the train drew out of the station le train a quitté la gare
draw [sth] out (remove) tirer [purse, knife] (of de); retirer [nail, cork] (of de) 1.1 (withdraw) retirer [money] 1.2 (prolong) faire durer
draw [sb] out faire sortir [qn] de sa coquille

draw up

établir [contract]; dresser, établir [list, report] 1.1 approcher [chair] (to de)

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