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British English: /iːt/
American English: /it/

Translation of eat in French:

transitive verb prét ate pp eaten

  • 1 (consume)
    (person, animal)
    manger (cake, food, snack)
    prendre (meal)
    I don't eat meat
    je ne mange pas de viande
    to eat (one's) breakfast
    prendre le petit déjeuner
    to eat (one's) lunch to eat one's dinner I ate lunch in town
    j'ai déjeuné en ville
    to eat something for lunch/dinner
    manger quelque chose pour le déjeuner/dîner
    to eat oneself sick [informal]
    s'empiffrer [informal] (on de)
    se donner une indigestion (on de)
    it's not fit to eat
    (poisonous) ce n'est pas comestible
    (inedible) c'est immangeable
    it looks too good to eat
    c'est si beau qu'on n'ose pas en manger
    she looks good enough to eat!
    elle est belle à croquer! [informal]
    to eat one's way through a whole cake
    engloutir un gâteau entier
    to eat somebody/something alive
    (person, piranha, mosquitoes)
    dévorer quelqu'un/quelque chose
    (seductress) she'll eat you alive [informal]!
    elle te mangera tout cru! [informal]
    don't be afraid, I won't eat you!
    n'aie pas peur, je ne vais pas te manger
    to eat one's words [figurative]
    ravaler ses paroles
  • 3 [informal] (worry)
    chiffonner [informal]
    what's eating you?
    qu'est-ce qui te chiffonne? [informal]

intransitive verb prét ate pp eaten

  • 1 (take food) to eat from ou out of
    manger dans (plate, bowl)
    I'll soon have him eating out of my hand [figurative]
    bientôt j'en ferai ce que je voudrai


eat your heart out!

souffre en silence!

to eat somebody out of house and home

manger la laine sur le dos de quelqu'un [informal]

Phrasal verbs

eat away

1 eat [something] away, eat away [something]
(water, wind)
ronger, éroder (cliff, stone)
(acid, rust, termites)
2 eat away at [something]
[literal] (acid, disease, rust, woodworm)
[figurative] (bills, fees)
manger (profits, savings)

eat into

eat into [something] 1.1 (damage)
(acid, rust)
faire un trou dans (metal, paint)
1.2 (encroach on)
(duties, interruptions)
empiéter sur (day, leisure)
1.3 (use up)
(bills, fees)
entamer (profits, savings)

eat out

aller au restaurant

eat up

1 eat up
finir de manger
eat up!
finis ce que tu as dans ton assiette!
2 eat [something] up, eat up [something] 2.1 (finish)
finir (meal, vegetables)
2.2 (guzzle)
dévorer (miles)
bouffer [informal]
consommer (petrol)
2.3 (use up)
engloutir (savings)
2.4 [figurative]to be eaten up with
être dévoré de (curiosity, desire, envy)
être dévoré par (guilt)
être rongé par (worry)
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