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British English: /fɪks/
American English: /fɪks/

Translation of fix in French:


  • 1 [informal] (quandary)
    pétrin (m) [informal]
    to be in a fix
    être dans le pétrin [informal]
  • 2 [informal] (dose)
    (of drugs) shoot (m) [informal]
    (of entertainment) séance (f)
    to get a fix
    se piquer [informal]
  • 3 (means of identification) to take a fix on something (Aviation, Nautical)
    déterminer la position de quelque chose
    to get a fix on something [figurative]
    cerner quelque chose
    let's get a fix on the problem
    cernons le problème
  • 4 [informal] (rigged arrangement)it was a fix
    c'était truqué

transitive verb

  • 1 (establish, set)
    fixer (date, time, venue, amount, price, limit)
    déterminer (chronology, position on map)
    to fix tax at 20%
    établir un impôt de 20%
    on the date fixed
    à la date convenue
    nothing is fixed yet
    il n'y a encore rien d'arrêté
  • 2 (organize)
    arranger (meeting, trip, visit)
    préparer (drink, meal, snack)
    to fix one's hair to fix one's face [informal] how are we fixed for time/money?
    qu'est-ce qu'on a comme temps/argent? [informal]
    how are you fixed for tonight/next week?
    quels sont tes projets pour ce soir/la semaine prochaine?
  • 4 (attach, insert)
    fixer (curtain, handle, shelf, notice) (on sur)
    (to à)
    planter (post, stake) (into dans)
    enfoncer (hook, nail) (into dans)
    attacher (rope, string) (to à)
    faire peser (suspicion) (on sur)
    rejeter (blame) (on sur)
    to fix something into place
    mettre quelque chose en place
    her name was firmly fixed in my mind
    son nom était profondément gravé dans mon esprit
  • 5 (concentrate)
    fixer (attention) (on sur)
    placer (hopes) (on dans)
    tourner (thoughts) (on vers)
    to fix one's gaze on somebody
    regarder quelqu'un fixément
    she fixed him with an angry stare
    elle l'a fixé d'un regard furieux
    his hopes were fixed on going to university
    son plus cher espoir était d'aller à l'université
  • 6 [informal] (rig, corrupt)
    truquer (contest, election, match)
    soudoyer (judge, jury, witness)
  • 7 [informal] (get even with)
    régler son compte à (bully, criminal)
    I'll soon fix him (for you)!
    je vais lui régler son compte!
  • 8 (Art, Biology, Chemistry, Photography, Textiles)

intransitive verb

  • (inject oneself)
    se piquer [informal]

also: fixed past participle adjective

Phrasal verbs

fix on

fix upon
1 fix on [something]
choisir (person, place, food, object)
fixer (date, time, venue, amount)
2 fix on [something], fix [something] on (attach)
fixer (object)

fix up

1 fix up [something], fix [something] up 1.1 (organize)
arranger, organiser (holiday, meeting)
décider de (date)
to fix up to do it's all fixed up
tout est arrangé
1.2 (decorate)
refaire (room, house)
he fixed up the bedroom as a study
il a transformé la chambre en bureau
1.3 (construct, put up)
fixer (shelf, notice)
(amateurishly) bricoler (shelter, storage)
2 fix somebody up with something
trouver quelque chose à quelqu'un (accommodation, drink, equipment, vehicle)
faire avoir quelque chose à quelqu'un (ticket, pass, meal, document)
3 fix somebody up with somebody [informal]
monter une baraque à quelqu'un avec quelqu'un [informal]
Definition of fix in:
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