Translation of fly in French:


Pronunciation: /flaɪ/

npl (flies)

vt (prét flew pp, flown)

  • 1 piloter [aircraft, balloon]; faire voler [kite]
  • 2 (transport) emmener [qn] par avion [person]

vi (prét flew pp, flown)

  • 1 [bird, insect, aircraft, kite] voler to fly over or across sth survoler qch
  • 2 [passenger] voyager en avion, prendre l'avion; [pilot] piloter, voler to fly from Rome to Athens aller de Rome à Athènes en avion
  • 4
    (also fly past, fly by)
    [time, holidays] passer très vite, filer [fam]

Phrasal verbs

fly away


Definition of fly in:

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