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British English: /ˈfəːðə/
American English: /ˈfərðər/

Translation of further in French:

adverb comparative of far

  • 1 (to or at a greater physical distance)
    also: farther
    plus loin
    I can't go any further
    je ne peux pas aller plus loin
    John walked further than me
    John a marché plus loin que moi
    how much further is it?
    c'est encore loin?
    how much further have they got to go?
    est-ce qu'ils vont encore loin?
    to get further and further away
    s'éloigner de plus en plus
    further north
    plus (loin) au nord
    further back/forward
    plus en arrière/en avant
    further away ou off
    plus loin, plus éloigné
    further on
    encore plus loin
    to move further back
    reculer encore
  • 2 [figurative] (at or to a more advanced point)
    also: farther
    I'll go so far but no further
    j'irai jusque là mais pas plus loin
    the government went even further
    le gouvernement est allé encore plus loin
    she didn't get any further with him than I did
    elle n'est arrivée à rien de plus avec lui que moi
    we're further forward than we thought
    on est plus avancé qu'on ne le pensait
    all that work and we're no further forward
    tout ce travail ne nous a pas avancés du tout
    nothing could be further from the truth/from my mind
    rien n'est plus loin or éloigné de la vérité/de mes pensées
  • 3 (to or at a greater distance in time)
    also: farther
    further back than 1964
    avant 1964
    a year further on
    un an plus tard
    we must look further ahead
    nous devons regarder plus vers l'avenir
    I haven't read further than page twenty
    je n'ai pas lu au-delà de la page vingt
  • 4 (to a greater extent, even more) prices fell/increased (even) further
    les prix ont baissé/ont augmenté encore plus
    his refusal to co-operate angered them further
    son refus de coopérer les a agacés encore plus
    we will enquire further into the matter
    nous nous renseignerons davantage sur la question
    I won't delay you any further
    je ne vous retarderai pas davantage
    they didn't question him any further
    ils ne l'ont pas questionné davantage or plus avant
  • 5 (in addition, furthermore)
    de plus, en outre
    the company further agrees to…
    en outre, l'entreprise accepte de…
    she further argued that …
    de plus, elle a affirmé que …
    further, I must say that …
    de plus or en outre, je dois dire que …

adjective comparative of far

  • 1 (additional) a further 10%/500 people
    encore 10%/500 personnes, 10%/500 personnes de plus
    further reforms/changes/increases/questions
    d'autres réformes/changements/augmentations/questions
    there have been further allegations that
    il y a eu de nouvelles allégations selon lesquelles
    further research
    des recherches plus approfondies
    further details can be obtained by writing to the manager
    pour plus de renseignements, adressez-vous à la direction
    to have no further use for something
    ne plus avoir besoin de quelque chose
    without further delay there's nothing further to discuss
    il n'y a rien d'autre à discuter
    is there anything further?
    c'est tout?
  • 2 (more distant)
    also: farther
    the further end/bank/side
    l'autre bout/rive/côté

transitive verb

also: further to preposition phrase

Definition of further in:
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