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British English: /mɑːk/
American English: /mɑrk/

Translation of mark in French:


  • 2 [figurative] (lasting impression) See examples: to bear the mark of
    porter l'empreinte de
    (genius, greatness)
    porter les marques de
    (pain, grief)
    to leave one's mark on something
    marquer quelque chose de son influence
    (company, project)
    marquer quelque chose
  • 3 (symbol)as a mark of
    en signe de
    (appreciation, esteem)
  • 4 (School, University) (gen) (assessment of work) what mark has she given you?
    quelle note t'a-t-elle mise?
    he gets no marks for effort/ originality
    pour l'effort/l'originalité, il mérite zéro
    full top
  • 5 (number on scale) See examples: the 3-mile mark
    la borne de trois miles
    unemployment has reached/passed the two million mark
    le chômage a atteint/dépassé la barre des deux millions
    his earnings are above/below the £20,000 mark
    son salaire est supérieur/inférieur à 20 000 livres sterling
    the timer had reached the one-minute mark
    cela faisait une minute au chronomètre
    the high-tide mark
    le maximum de la marée haute
    at gas mark 7
    à thermostat 7
    he/his work is not up to the mark
    il/son travail n'est pas à la hauteur
  • 6 (Sport) (starting line) (in athletics) on your marks, (get) set, go!
    à vos marques! prêts! partez!
    to get off the mark we haven't even got off the mark yet
    nous n'avons même pas commencé
    he's a bit slow off the mark
    il a l'esprit un peu lent
    you were a bit slow off the mark in not noticing the mistake sooner
    tu as été un peu lent à remarquer cette erreur
    he's very quick off the mark
    il a l'esprit vif
    you were a bit quick off the mark (in) blaming her
    tu l'as blâmée un peu trop vite
    he's always very quick off the mark when it comes to money
    il n'est jamais le dernier quand il s'agit d'argent
    you were quick off the mark! (to do something)
    tu n'as pas perdu de temps!
  • 9
    also: Mark
    (model in series)
    Jaguar Mark II
    Jaguar Mark II
  • 10
    also: Deutschmark
    (Finance, History)
    deutschmark (m)

transitive verb

  • 1 (make visible impression on) (stain)
    (clothes, material, paper)
    (bruise, scar) (skin, face)
    (with pen etc) (map, belongings) with avec
    to mark somebody for life (physically)
    défigurer quelqu'un à vie
    marquer quelqu'un à vie
  • 2 (indicate, label)
    (person) (name, initials, price, directions) on sur
    (cross, arrow, sign, label) (position, place, road)
    [figurative] (death, event, announcement) (end, change, turning point)
    to be marked as
    être considéré comme
    (future champion, criminal)
    to mark the occasion/somebody's birthday with
    marquer l'occasion/l'anniversaire de quelqu'un par
    (firework display, party)
    X marks the spot
    l'endroit est indiqué par une croix
    to mark one's place (in book)
    marquer la page
  • 3 (characterize)
    (style, remark, behaviour, era)
    to be marked by
    être caractérisé par
    (violence, envy, humour, generosity)
  • 4 (School, University) (tick)
    (essay, homework, examination paper)
    to mark somebody absent/present
    noter quelqu'un absent/présent
    to mark something right/wrong
    indiquer que quelque chose est juste/faux
  • 5 (pay attention to)
    (warning, comment)
    mark him well, he will be a great man
    souvenez-vous de lui, ce sera un grand homme

intransitive verb

  • 1 (School, University)
    faire des corrections
  • 2 (stain)
    (dress, material etc)
    se tacher

also: mark you conjunction phrase

  • (+ indic)
    mark you it won't be easy
    n'empêche que ça ne va pas être facile


mark my words


he'll not live long, mark my words!

crois-moi, il ne vivra pas longtemps!

to be an easy mark

être une poire

to mark time

[figurative] (wait) (gen) (for right moment)
attendre le bon moment
I'm marking time working as a waitress until I go to France
je travaille comme serveuse en attendant d'aller en France
the company is marking time at the moment
la compagnie ne fait que piétiner en ce moment

Phrasal verbs

mark down

1 mark [something] down, mark down [something] (reduce price of)
2 mark [somebody] down (lower grade of)
baisser les notes de
baisser la note de
(work, essay)
to mark somebody down as (being) something (consider to be)
considérer quelqu'un comme
(troublemaker, asset)

mark off

mark [something] off, mark off [something] 1.1 (separate off)
1.2 (tick off)
(items, names)

mark out

1 mark [somebody] out, mark out [somebody] 1.1 (distinguish)
from de
1.2 (select)
(person) for pour
2 mark [something] out, mark out [something]
marquer les limites de
(court, area)

mark up

1 mark [something] up, mark up [something] (add percentage to price)
majorer le prix de
(product) by de
(increase price) (shopkeeper)
augmenter le prix de
(product) by de
2 mark [somebody/something] up (School, University) (increase grade of)
remonter les notes de
remonter la note de
(work, essay)

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