Translation of of in French:


Pronunciation: /ɒv; əv/


In almost all its uses, the preposition of is translated by de. For exceptions, see the entry below. Remember that de + le always becomes du and that de + les always becomes des.When of it or of them are used for something already referred to, they are translated by en: there's a lot of it = il y en a beaucoup; there are several of them = il y en a plusieurs.Note, however, the following expressions used when referring to people: there are six of them = ils sont six; there were several of them = ils étaient plusieurs.

  • 1 (in most uses) de the leg of the table le pied de la table
  • 2 (made of) en a ring (made) of gold une bague en or
  • 3a friend of mine un ami à moi that's kind of you c'est très gentil de votre part or à vous some of us/them quelques-uns d'entre nous/d'entre eux

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