There are 2 translations of pin in French:


Pronunciation: /pɪn/


vt (p prés etc -nn-)

  • 1 épingler [dress, hem, curtain] (to à)
  • 2 (trap) to pin sb to coincer qn contre [wall, floor]
  • 3 [fam] to pin sth on sb mettre qch sur le dos de qn [theft]

Phrasal verbs

pin down

pin [sb] down (physically) immobiliser (to à) 1.1 [fig], coincer to pin sb down to a definite date arriver à fixer une date ferme avec qn
pin [sth] down identifier [concept, feeling]

pin up

accrocher [poster, notice] (on à)

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There are 2 translations of pin in French:


n (also PIN number)

abbr personal identification number

Definition of pin in: