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British English: /rɪp/
American English: /rɪp/


transitive verb p prés etc -pp-

  • 1 (tear) to rip something with one's bare hands/with one's teeth/with a knife
    déchirer quelque chose à mains nues/avec les dents/avec un couteau
    to rip a hole in something
    faire un trou dans quelque chose
    to rip something/somebody to pieces ou shreds [literal] [figurative]
    réduire quelque chose/quelqu'un en pièces
  • 2 (snatch, pull)to rip something off ou from something/from somebody
    arracher quelque chose de quelque chose/à quelqu'un

intransitive verb

  • p prés etc -pp-
    se déchirer


to let rip

tempêter [informal] (against contre) (about à propos de)
to let rip at somebody
engueuler quelqu'un [slang]
to let rip a stream of abuse
lancer un flot d'injures

let it ou her rip [informal]!

(of car)
fonce! [informal]

Phrasal verbs

rip apart

rip [something] apart 1.1 [literal]
(bomb blast, person)
déchiqueter (car, building, object)
1.2 [figurative] [informal]
défoncer (team, team's defences)
descendre [informal] (reputation)

rip down

rip down [something], rip [something] down
arracher (picture, notice)

rip into

rip into [something /somebody] 1.1 (enter forcefully)
s'enfoncer dans
1.2 (attack)
frapper [quelque chose] de plein fouet
descendre [quelqu'un] en flammes (person)

rip off

1 rip off [something], rip [something] off 1.1 [literal]
(person, wind, blast)
arracher (garment, roof)
1.2 [informal] (steal)
rafler [informal] (idea, design, goods)
2 rip off [somebody], rip [somebody] off [informal]
arnaquer [slang]
to get ripped off

rip open

rip open [something], rip [something] open
déchirer (envelope, parcel)
crever (bag)

rip out

rip out [something], rip [something] out
arracher (page, fireplace, heart)

rip through

rip through [something]
(bomb blast)
défoncer (building)
investir, envahir (building)

rip up

rip up [something], rip [something] up
déchirer (letter, paper, contract)
arracher (floorboards, carpet)
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There are 2 entries that translate rip into French:

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  • requiescat ou requiescant in pace
    qu'il/elle repose en paix or qu'ils/elles reposent en paix
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