Translation of show in French:


Pronunciation: /ʃəʊ/


vt (prét showed pp, shown)

  • 1 montrer [person, object, photo, feelings] (to à); présenter [ticket] (to à); [TV channel, cinema] passer [film]; [garment] laisser voir [underclothes, stain]; indiquer [time, direction] to show sb sth montrer qch à qn that carpet shows the dirt cette moquette est salissante
  • 4to show sb to their seat placer qn to show sb to their room accompagner qn à sa chambre to show sb to the door reconduire qn

vi (prét showed pp, shown)

  • 1 [stain, label] se voir; [emotion] se voir; (in eyes) se lire


to have nothing to show for sth

ne rien avoir tiré de qch

Phrasal verbs

show in

show [sb] in faire entrer

show off

show off faire le fier/la fière
show [sb/sth] off faire admirer [skill]; exhiber [baby, car]

show out

show [sb] out accompagner [qn] à la porte

show round

show [sb] round faire visiter

show up

show up [fam], (arrive) se montrer [fam]
show up [sth] révéler [fault, mark]
show [sb] up faire honte à [person]

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