Translation of throw in French:


Pronunciation: /θrəʊ/


vt (prét threw pp, thrown)

  • 1 (with careful aim) lancer; (downwards) jeter; (with violence) projeter to throw sth at sb lancer qch à qn to throw a six (in dice) faire un six
  • 5to throw a party faire une fête [fam]

vi (prét threw pp, thrown)

Phrasal verbs

throw away

jeter [paper, old clothes]; gâcher [chance, life]

throw back

rejeter [fish]; relancer [ball]

throw in

throw in [sth]throw [sth] in (give free) faire cadeau de; (add) ajouter

throw out

jeter [rubbish]; expulser [person] (of de) 1.1 rejeter [application, decision]

throw together

throw [sb] together réunir [people]
throw [sth] together improviser

throw up

throw up vomir
throw [sth] up 1.1 lever [arms, hands]; lancer [ball] 1.2 (abandon) laisser tomber [job]

Definition of throw in:

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