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British English: /θrəʊ/
American English: /θroʊ/

Translation of throw in French:


  • 1 (Sport, Games) (in football)
    (of javelin, discus etc)
    (in judo, wrestling etc)
    (of dice)
    a throw of 70 m
    un lancer de 70 m
    he won with a throw of six
    il a gagné avec un six
    whose throw is it? (in ball game)
    c'est à qui de lancer?
    (with dice)
    c'est à qui le tour?
  • 2
    (each) See examples: CDs £5 a throw!
    les compacts à cinq livres pièce!

transitive verb prét threw pp thrown

  • 1 (gen) (Games, Sport) (project) (with careful aim)
    at sur
    (with violence) (explosion, impact)
    she threw the ball in(to) the air/across the pitch/over the wall
    elle a lancé la balle en l'air/de l'autre côté du terrain/par-dessus le mur
    he threw the javelin 80m
    il a lancé le javelot à 80m
    throw the ball up high
    lance la balle en hauteur
    throw the ball back to me!
    relance-moi la balle!
    he was thrown across the street/to the floor by the explosion
    l'explosion l'a projeté de l'autre côté de la rue/à terre
    he threw a log on the fire/his coat on a chair
    il a jeté une bûche sur le feu/son manteau sur une chaise
    she threw her apron over her head
    elle s'est couvert la tête avec son tablier
    she threw her arms around my neck
    elle s'est jetée à mon cou
    the police threw a cordon around the house
    la police a encerclé la maison
    he was thrown clear and survived
    il a été éjecté et a survécu
    two jockeys were thrown
    deux jockeys ont été désarçonnés
    he threw his opponent in the third round
    à la troisième reprise il a envoyé son adversaire au tapis
    to throw a six (in dice)
    faire un six
  • 2 [figurative] (direct)
    (punch, question) at à
    (glance, look) at à
    (image, light, shadow) on sur
    (shadow) on sur
    we are ready for all the challenges/problems that Europe can throw at us
    nous somme prêts à affronter tous les défis que l'Europe nous lance/tous les problèmes que l'Europe nous pose
    to throw money at a project/problem
    claquer (informal) de l'argent dans un projet/problème
    there's no point in just throwing money at it
    ce n'est pas l'argent qui résoudra le problème
    to throw suspicion on somebody/something
    faire naître des soupçons sur quelqu'un/quelque chose
    to throw doubt on somebody/something
    jeter un doute sur quelqu'un/quelque chose
    the company has thrown the full weight of its publicity machine behind the case
    la société a investi tout le poids de sa machine publicitaire dans l'affaire
  • 3 [figurative] (disconcert) the question completely threw me
    la question m'a complètement désarçonné
    I was thrown by the news
    j'ai été désarçonné par la nouvelle
    to throw [something/somebody] into confusion ou disarray
    semer la confusion dans
    (meeting, group)
    semer la confusion parmi
  • 4 (Technology) (activate)
    (switch, lever)
    the operator threw the machine into gear/reverse
    l'opérateur a embrayé l'engin/passé la marche arrière
  • 5
    (indulge in, succumb to) See examples: to throw a fit/tantrum
    piquer une crise (informal)/colère
  • 6
    (organize) See examples: to throw a party
    faire une fête
  • 7 (in pottery) See examples: to throw a pot
    tourner un pot
  • 8 (Architecture, Construction)
    (bridge) over sur
  • 9 (Veterinary science) (give birth to)

intransitive verb

  • also: prét threw pp thrown

reflexive verb

  • also: prét threw pp thrown
    to throw oneself (onto floor, bed, chair)
    se jeter
    onto sur
    to throw oneself to the ground
    se jeter à plat ventre
    to throw oneself off a building/in front of a train
    se jeter du haut d'un immeuble/sous un train
    to throw oneself at somebody's feet
    se jeter aux pieds de quelqu'un
    to throw oneself at somebody
    [literal] [figurative]
    se jeter dans les bras de quelqu'un
    to throw oneself into
    se jeter dans
    (river, sea)
    se plonger dans
    (work, project)


it's throwing it down (informal)!

(British English)
ça dégringole (informal)!

to throw in one's lot with somebody

rejoindre quelqu'un

to throw in the sponge ou towel

Phrasal verbs

throw around

throw about
1 throw [something] around 1.1to throw a ball around
s'envoyer un ballon
1.2 [figurative]
lancer au hasard
(ideas, names, references)
to throw money around
2 throw oneself around
se débattre

throw aside

1 throw aside [something], throw [something] aside 1.1 [literal]
lancer [quelque chose] sur le côté
(books, documents)
1.2 [figurative]
(moral standards, principles)
2 throw [somebody] aside

throw away

1 (Games)
jeter une carte
2 throw [something] away, throw away [something] 2.1 [literal]
(rubbish, unwanted article)
2.2 [figurative] (waste)
(chance, opportunity, life)
he threw away any advantage he might have had
il n'a pas su profiter de son avantage
she's really thrown herself away on him
c'est vraiment du gâchis qu'elle l'ait épousé
2.3 [figurative] (utter casually)
lancer [quelque chose] négligemment
(remark, information)

throw back

throw back [something], throw [something] back
we have been thrown back on our own resources
nous avons dû recourir à nos propres ressources
throw your shoulders back
rejetez les épaules

throw in

throw in [something], throw [something] in 1.1 (Business) (give free)
faire cadeau de
(extra product)
a vacuum cleaner with the attachments thrown in
un aspirateur avec les accessoires en cadeau
1.2 (add) throw in a few herbs
ajoutez quelques herbes
thrown in for good measure
1.3 (contribute)
(remark, suggestion)

throw off

1 throw off [something], throw [something] off 1.1 (take off)
ôter [quelque chose] en vitesse
1.2 [figurative] (cast aside)
(cold, handicap, pursuers)
se soulager de
se libérer de
1.3 [figurative] (compose quickly)
faire [quelque chose] en cinq minutes
(poem, music)
2 throw off [somebody], throw [somebody] off (eject from train, bus, plane)

throw on

throw on [something], throw [something] on (put on)
enfiler [quelque chose] en vitesse

throw open

throw open [something], throw [something] open 1.1
ouvrir grand
(door, window)
1.2 [figurative] (to public)
(facility, tourist attraction)
to throw a discussion open
déclarer une discussion ouverte

throw out

1 throw out [somebody/something], throw [somebody/something] out (eject)
(from bar etc)
jeter dehors
(person) of de
(from membership) (person) of de
to be thrown out of work
être licencié
2 throw out [something], throw [something] out 2.1 (extend) See examples: throw your arms out in front of you
lancez les bras devant vous
throw your chest out
sortez la poitrine
2.2 (reject) (gen) (Law)
(application, case, decision, plan)
(Politics) (bill)
2.3 (utter peremptorily)
(casually) See examples: he just threw out some comment about wanting…
il a juste dit qu'il voulait…
3 throw [somebody] out (mislead) that's what threw me out
c'est ce qui m'a fait me tromper

throw over

(informal) (British English)
throw over [somebody], throw [somebody] over she's thrown him over for another man
elle l'a laissé tomber (informal) or l'a plaqué (informal) pour un autre

throw together

1 throw [somebody] together
(fate, circumstances) (people)
2 throw [something] together
(artefact, meal, entertainment)

throw up

1 throw up (informal) 2 throw up [something], throw [something] up 2.1
(job, post)
2.2 (reveal)
(idea, problem, obstacle)
(findings, question, statistic)
2.3 (emit)
2.4 (toss into air)
(car) (stone)
(person) (arms)
to throw up one's hands in horror
lever les bras d'horreur
2.5 (open)
ouvrir grand
2.6 (vomit)

Definition of throw in:

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