Translation of try in French:


Pronunciation: /traɪ/

n (pl tries)

vt (prét, pp tried)

  • 1 (attempt) essayer de répondre à [exam question] to try doing or to do essayer de faire to try hard to do faire de gros efforts pour faire to try one's best to do faire tout son possible pour faire
  • 2 (test out) essayer [tool, product, method, activity]; prendre [qn] à l'essai [person]; [thief] essayer d'ouvrir [door, window]; tourner [door knob] to try one's hand at sth s'essayer à qch
  • 4 (consult) demander à [person]; consulter [book] try the library demandez à la bibliothèque
  • 5 (subject to stress) to try sb's patience pousser qn à bout
  • 6 [Law] juger [case, criminal]

vi (prét, pp tried)

  • essayer to try again (to perform task) recommencer (to see somebody) repasser (to phone) rappeler to try for essayer d'obtenir [loan, university place] essayer de battre [world record] essayer d'avoir [baby] keep trying! essaie encore!

Phrasal verbs

try on

essayer [hat, dress]

try out

try [sth] outtry out [sth] essayer

Definition of try in:

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