Translation of turn in French:


Pronunciation: /tɜːn/


  • 1 (in games, sequence) tour (m) whose turn is it? c'est à qui le tour? to be sb's turn to do être le tour de qn de faire to take turns at sleeping, to take it in turns to sleep dormir à tour de rôle by turns tour à tour to speak out of turn commettre un impair
  • 2 (circular movement) tour (m) to give sth a turn tourner qch to do a turn [dancer] faire un tour
  • 3 (in vehicle) virage (m) to make or do a left/right turn tourner à gauche/à droite
  • 4 (bend, side road) tournant (m), virage (m) take the next right turn, take the next turn on the right prenez la prochaine (rue) à droite
  • 5 (change, development) tournure (f) to take a turn for the better [things, events, situation] prendre une meilleure tournure to take a turn for the worse [situation] se dégrader [health] s'aggraver
  • 6 (BrE) [fam], (attack) crise (f) a dizzy turn un vertige it gave me quite a turn, it gave me a nasty turn ça m'a fait un coup [fam]


  • 3 (change direction of) tourner [chair, head, face, car]
  • 4 (focus direction of) to turn [sth] on sb braquer [qch] sur qn [gun, hose, torch]
  • 5 (transform) to turn sth white/black blanchir/noircir qch to turn sth opaque rendre qch opaque to turn sth into transformer qch en [office, car park, desert] to turn a book into a film adapter un livre pour le cinéma to turn sb into [magician] changer qn en [frog] [experience] faire de qn [extrovert, maniac]
  • 6 (deflect) détourner [person, conversation] (towards vers de) (from de)
  • 7 [fam] (pass the age of) he has turned 50 il a 50 ans passés she has just turned 30 elle vient d'avoir 30 ans


  • 1 (change direction) [person, car, plane, road] tourner; [ship] virer to turn down or into tourner dans [street, alley] to turn towards tourner en direction de [village, mountains]
  • 3 (revolve) [key, wheel, planet] tourner; [person] se tourner
  • 6 (resort to) to turn to se tourner vers [person, religion] to turn to drink/drugs se mettre à boire/se droguer I don't know where to turn je ne sais plus où donner de la tête [fam]
  • 7 (change) to turn into [person, tadpole] se transformer en [frog] [sofa] se transformer en [bed] [situation, evening] tourner à [farce, disaster] to turn to [substance] se changer en [ice, gold] [fear, surprise] faire place à [horror, relief]
  • 8 (become by transformation) devenir [pale, cloudy, green] to turn white/black/red blanchir/noircir/rougir the weather is turning cold/warm le temps se rafraîchit/se réchauffe
  • 9 [fam], (become) devenir [Conservative, Communist] businessman turned politician ex-homme d'affaires devenu homme politique

phr (in turn)

  • [answer, speak] à tour de rôle she spoke to each of us in turn elle nous a parlé chacun à notre tour


to do sb a good turn

Phrasal verbs

turn against

turn against [sb/sth] se retourner contre
turn [sb] against retourner [qn] contre

turn around

turn around (to face other way) [person] se retourner; [bus, vehicle] faire demi-tour 1.1 (revolve, rotate) [object, windmill, dancer] tourner
turn [sth] around tourner [qch] dans l'autre sens [object]

turn aside

se détourner (from de)

turn away

turn away se détourner
turn [sb] away refuser [spectator, applicant]; ne pas laisser entrer [salesman, caller]

turn back

turn back (on foot) rebrousser chemin there's no turning back il n'est pas question de revenir en arrière 1.1 (in book) revenir
turn [sth] back reculer [dial, clock]
turn [sb] back refouler [people, vehicles]

turn down

(reduce) baisser [volume, radio, gas] 1.1 (fold over) rabattre [sheet, collar]; retourner [corner of page] 1.2 (refuse) refuser [person, request]; rejeter [offer, suggestion]

turn off

turn off [driver, walker] tourner 1.1 [motor, fan] s'arrêter
turn [sth] off éteindre [light, oven, TV, radio]; fermer [tap]; couper [water, gas, engine]
turn off [sth] (leave) quitter [road]
turn [sb ] off [fam] rebuter

turn on

allumer [light, oven, TV, radio, gas]; ouvrir [tap] 1.1 [fam] exciter [person]

turn out

turn out (be eventually) to turn out well/badly bien/mal se terminer it depends how things turn out cela dépend de la façon dont les choses vont tourner to turn out to be wrong/easy se révéler faux/facile it turns out that they know each other already il se trouve qu'ils se connaissent déjà 1.1 (come out) [crowd, people] venir
turn [sth] out (turn off) éteindre [light] 1.1 (empty) vider [pocket, bag]; [Culin] démouler [mousse] 1.2 (produce) fabriquer [goods]; former [scientists, graduates]
turn [sb] out (evict) mettre [qn] à la porte

turn over

turn over (roll over) [person, vehicle] se retourner 1.1 (turn page) tourner la page 1.2 [engine] se mettre en marche
turn [sb/sth] over (turn) tourner [page, paper]; retourner [card, object, mattress, soil, patient] 1.1 (hand over) remettre [object, money, find, papers]; livrer [person] (to à); remettre la succession de [company]

turn round

turn around

turn up

turn up (arrive, show up) arriver, se pointer [fam] don't worry—it will turn up ne t'inquiète pas—tu finiras par le retrouver 1.1 (present itself) [opportunity, job] se présenter 1.2 (point up) [corner, edge] être relevé/-e
turn [sth] up (increase, intensify) augmenter [heating, volume, gas]; mettre [qch] plus fort [TV, radio, music] 1.1 (point up) relever [collar]

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