Translation of twist in French:


Pronunciation: /twɪst/


  • 3 (small amount) (of yarn, thread, hair) torsade (f) a twist of lemon une tranche de citron


  • 2 (wind) enrouler to twist threads together torsader des fils
  • 3 (bend, distort) tordre [metal, rod, branch]; déformer [words, facts, meaning] his face was twisted with pain son visage était tordu de douleur
  • 4 (injure) to twist one's ankle/wrist se tordre la cheville/le poignet to twist one's neck attraper un torticolis


  • 1 [person] to twist round (turn round) se retourner he twisted around in his chair il s'est retourné dans son fauteuil
  • 2 [rope, flex, coil] s'entortiller to twist and turn [road, path] serpenter

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