Translation of wear in French:


Pronunciation: /weə(r)/


  • 1 (clothing) children's/sports wear vêtements (mpl) pour enfants/de sport
  • 2 (use) for everyday wear de tous les jours for summer wear pour l'été
  • 3 (damage) usure (f) (on de) wear and tear usure to be the worse for wear (drunk) être ivre (tired) être épuisé/-e

vt (prét wore pp, worn)

  • 1 (be dressed in) porter to wear blue s'habiller en bleu to wear one's hair long/short avoir les cheveux longs/courts
  • 2 (put on, use) mettre I haven't got a thing to wear je n'ai rien à me mettre to wear make-up se maquiller
  • 3 (display) he wore a puzzled frown il fronçait les sourcils d'un air perplexe
  • 4 (damage by use) user to wear a hole in trouer [garment, sheet]

vi (prét wore pp, worn)

  • [carpet, shoes] s'user my patience is wearing thin je commence à être à bout de patience

Phrasal verbs

wear away

[inscription] s'effacer; [tread, cliff, facade] s'user

wear down

wear down s'user to be worn down être usé/-e
wear [sth] down user [steps]; saper [resistance, resolve]
wear [sb] down épuiser

wear off

[drug, effect] se dissiper; [sensation] passer 1.1 (come off) s'effacer

wear out

wear out s'user
wear [sth] out user
wear [sb] out épuiser

wear through

[elbow, trousers] se trouer; [sole, metal, fabric] se percer

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