Translation of weigh in French:


Pronunciation: /weɪ/


  • 1 (on scales) peser to weigh 10 kilos peser 10 kilos how much or what do you weigh? combien pèses-tu? to weigh oneself se peser
  • 2 (assess) évaluer [arguments, advantages, options]; peser [consequences, risks, words]


  • to weigh on sb peser sur qn to weigh on sb's mind préoccuper qn

Phrasal verbs

weigh down

weigh down on [sb/sth] peser sur
weigh [sb/sth] down surcharger [vehicle, boat]; faire plier [branches]; [responsibility, debt] accabler to be weighed down with crouler sous le poids de [luggage] être accablé/-e de [worry, guilt]

weigh in

[boxer, wrestler] se faire peser; [jockey] aller au pesage

weigh out

peser [ingredients, quantity]

weigh up

évaluer [prospects, situation]; juger [person]; mettre [qch] en balance [options, benefits, risks]

Definition of weigh in:

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