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ring 1

British English: /rɪŋ/
American English: /rɪŋ/


  • 2
    (Horse racing)
    Ring Mask.
    (bullring) Arena Fem.
    (in circus) Manege Fem.
    the ring (bookmakers)
    der Ring
    die Buchmacher
  • 4 (circle)
    Kreis Mask.
    make or run rings [a]round somebody [figurative]
    jemanden in die Tasche stecken [informal]
  • 5 (halo round moon)
    Hof Mask.
  • 6 (Chemistry)
    Ring Mask.

transitive verb

  • 2 (British English) (put ring on leg of)
    beringen (Vogel)

Definition of ring in:

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There are 2 entries that translate ring into German:

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ring 2


  • 1 (act of sounding bell)
    Läuten Neutr.
    Klingeln Neutr.
    there's a ring at the door
    es hat geklingelt
    give two rings
    zweimal läuten od. klingeln
  • 2 (British English) [informal] (telephone call)
    Anruf Mask.
    give somebody a ring
    jemanden anrufen
  • 3 (resonance; [figurative]: impression)
    Klang Mask.
    [figurative] have the ring of plausibility/truth
    einleuchtend/glaubhaft klingen
    [figurative] a ring of insistence in her tone
    ein nachdrücklicher Ton in ihrer Stimme

intransitive verb rangPronunciation: /ræŋ/, rungPronunciation: /rʌŋ/

  • 3 (ring bell)
    läuten (for nach)
    please ring for attention
    bitte läuten
  • 4 (British English) (make telephone call)
  • 5 (resound)
    (Wald, Raum, Halle)
    [wider]hallen (with von)
    ring in somebody's ears
    jemandem in den Ohren klingen
    ring true/false (Münze)
    echt/falsch klingen
    glaubhaft/unglaubhaft klingen
  • 6 (hum)
    (loudly) dröhnen
    my ears are ringing
    mir dröhnen die Ohren

transitive verb rang, rung

  • 2 (British English) (telephone)

Phrasal verbs

ring back

transitive or intransitive verb (British English) 1 (again)
wieder anrufen
2 (in return)

ring down

transitive verb (Theatre)
fallen lassen
herunterlassen (Vorhang)
ring the curtain down on a project/a love affair [figurative]
unter ein Vorhaben/Liebesverhältnis einen Schlussstrich ziehen

ring in

intransitive verb (British English)
transitive verb

ring off

intransitive verb
(British English)

ring out

intransitive verb
transitive verb

ring round

(British English)
Pronunciation: /-ˈ-/ intransitive verb
Pronunciation: /ˈ--/ transitive verb
herumtelefonieren bei

ring up

transitive verb 1 (British English) (telephone) 2 (record on cash register)
bongen [informal]
3 (Theatre)ring up the curtain
den Vorhang hochziehen

Definition of ring in:

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