Translation of send in German:


Pronunciation: /send/

v.t. (sent /sent/)

Phrasal verbs

send aˈway

v.i. send away [to sb] for sth etw. [bei jmdm.] anfordern

send ˈback

v.t. zurückschicken

ˈsend for

v.t. (tell to come) holen lassen; rufen [Polizei, Arzt usw.] 1.1 (order from elsewhere) anfordern

send ˈoff

v.t. (dispatch) abschicken [Sache] 1.1 [Sport] vom Platz stellen
v.i. see send away 2

send ˈup

v.t. (BrE) [infml], (parody) parodieren

Definition of send in:

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