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Pronunciation: /ðɪs/

adj. (pl. these /ðiːz/)

  • dieser/diese/dieses; (with less emphasis) der/die/das at this time zu dieser Zeit by this time inzwischen mittlerweile these days heut[zutag]e before this time vorher zuvor all this week die[se] ganze Woche this morning/evening etc. heute Morgen/Abend usw. these last three weeks die letzten drei Wochen this Monday (to come) nächsten Montag

pron. (pl. these)

  • 1what's this? was ist [denn] das? fold it like this falte es so!
  • 3 (BrE) [Teleph.] (person speaking) this is Andy hier [spricht od. ist] Andy (AmE) [Teleph.] who did you say this was? wer ist am Apparat?
  • 4this and that dies und das

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