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British English: /əˈweɪ/
American English: /əˈweɪ/

Translation of away in Italian:


Away often appears in English as the second element of a verb ( run away, put away, get away, look away, give away etc.): for translations, consult the appropriate verb entry ( run, put, get, look, give etc.). - Away often appears after a verb in English to show that an action is continuous or intense: if away does not change the basic meaning of the verb, only the verb is translated: he was snoring away = russava; if away does change the basic meaning of the verb ( he's grinding away at his maths), consult the appropriate verb entry.
  • 1 (not present, gone)to be away
    essere via, essere assente (from da)
    essere assente (from da)
    (on business trip) essere in trasferta
    I'll be away (for) two weeks
    starò via (per) due settimane
    to be away on vacation, on business
    essere in vacanza, via per affari
    to be away from home
    essere lontano o via da casa
    I'll have to be away by 10
    dovrò andare via entro le 10
    she's away in Paris
    è a Parigi
    she's away at a conference
    è via per una conferenza
  • 2 (distant in space)3 km, 50 m away
    a 3 km, 50 m (di distanza)
    10 cm away from the edge
    a 10 cm dal bordo
    a weekend away in the country
    un week-end in campagna
    I hate to be away from home
    odio essere lontano da casa
    far away away with you!
    ma va'!
  • 3 (distant in time)London is two hours away
    Londra è a due ore da qui
    my birthday is two months away
    il mio compleanno è tra due mesi
    the election, the exam is only days away
    mancano solo pochi giorni all'elezione, all'esame
  • 4 (in the opposite direction)to shuffle, crawl away
    andarsene strascicando i piedi, arrancando
  • 5 (for emphasis)away back in 1920
    nel lontano 1920
    away over the other side of the lake
    sull'altra riva del lago
  • 6 (Sport)
    (play, win)
    in trasferta, fuori casa


  • 1 (Sport)
    (goal, match, win)
    in trasferta, fuori casa
    the away team
    la squadra che gioca fuori casa
  • 2 (British English) [informal] (drunk)to be well away
    essere partito


to be away with the fairies

non esserci con la testa
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